The Secret life of Household Products

Photo by Rebecca Torchia
Photo by Rebecca Torchia

By Rebecca Torchia

The Double Life of Household Products

One of the keys to success in college is finding ways to get the most out of everything. Luckily, many common household items actually double as beauty products.

I tried some out, to see how well they really worked as beauty products, compared to their true uses.

Safety Pins

When I was little, I used safety pins to hold my elastic pants around my waist. On campus, I’ve most often seen them on the backs of homemade awareness ribbons.

My eyelashes tend to be long and full, so they clump easily when I put on mascara. Safety pins are a great way to separate them so that they look full again.

If you do not have a safety pin lying around – or don’t want to dismantle your awareness ribbon – try an earring post or a button pin. Both work just as well.

The most important things to remember when using a pin to separate your eyelashes, or any other task, are to have a steady hand and a good deal of patience.

Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets can be vital when keeping the static electricity out of your laundry, but they can remove static from more than just your sweaters and sheets. They can also be used on your hair.

Every time I straighten my hair, it looks like I just stuck my hand in an electric socket. Running dryer sheet over my hair made a dramatic difference. Just one or two brushes worked miracles.


It turns out that a cup of coffee can energize you and your hair. If you are a brunette, you can use a few cups of coffee to give your hair color a natural boost.

Just brew a few cups and pour it over recently cleaned hair. Make sure the coffee is not scalding hot; it should be lukewarm instead.

After roughly twenty minutes, rinse the coffee out and condition your hair.

The transformation is not meant to be dramatic; instead, it should boost the color of your hair to make it look more healthy and vibrant.


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