Are Timberlands the New Yoga Pants?

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By Claudia Pagán

It seems that women wear yoga pants for everything except yoga, but the same can be said about men in regards to Timberland boots which were originally created for construction work.

The Timberland Company sells footwear, clothes and accessories for men, women and children, but they are most commonly known for their iconic yellow boot, otherwise known as the Classic 6-Inch Boot.

The shoe is leather with honey lug soles to guarantee water protection, while the contoured, cushioned insole and anti-fatigue technology built into the midsole create a comfortable fit for standing and moving around all day. The company even took steps to ensure a long lasting boot by using rustproof solid brass eyelets and strong taslan laces.

The original designer of the classic Timberland boots, Sidney Swartz, created the shoe in 1973 during a time when waterproof shoes were not around but workers were working outside in all types of weather.

The goal of the boot was to be functional and durable, but its authentic look carved its path towards success in the fashion industry.

According to the Timberland website, “Timberland didn’t set out to create a new fashion icon. The yellow boot was born for a hard working New Englander.”

Adam Bloom-Paicopolos, freshman government and politics major, said Timberlands are like Uggs in the sense that many girls own them because other girls own them. He also compared Timberlands to Sperrys because the shoes were created to wear on boats, just as Timberlands were created to wear for construction.

“Everyone else has a pair so I need a pair, and they’re also boots, which I need for the weather. I wear them everyday in the winter,” Bloom-Paicopolos said.

Timberland boots were popular among outdoor men in the 1980s, but the consumer group grew once the boots were introduced to the hip-hop culture in the 1990s. Since then, people of all genders and backgrounds have implemented the shoe into their fashion styles.

With the classic Timberland boot costing almost $200, Emmanuel Olaniyi, junior geographic information systems major, said the expense of the shoe changes the purpose of the shoe.

“If they’re expensive, you’re not going to see someone working [in] them; I think money definitely plays a huge role in it,” Olaniyi said.

Olaniyi added that a person can pull off wearing Timberlands when they are clean and paired with a well thought-out outfit, although he emphasized that the condition of the shoes are more important.

Audrey Simmons, sophomore hearing and speech sciences major, agreed that expensive boots deserve good care. However, she does not believe Timberlands are meant for everyday wear.

“They look like construction worker boots. It looks like you’re going to go do work, not going somewhere nice,” Simmons said.

Not everyone seems to coincide with Simmons because the trend has already spread to women. Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and many other female celebrities have been seen sporting Timberlands.

Unlike other students, Meredith Haney, freshman criminal justice major, said she has no opinion on Timberland shoes.

“They’re just a common guy shoe. If they actually like them and they’re comfortable to them, then it’s fine,” Haney said.

So what’s your take on it?



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