What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

By Jenna Milliner-Waddell

With the start of the wedding season upon us, finding the perfect dress to wear as the wedding guest is a crucial first step at attempting to celebrate someone else’s big day.

Although many college students are not tying the knot themselves, it is more likely that you know someone who is settling down this summer. Keep in mind that this is not happy hour at Turf, so you have to dress the part.

Dress Code

Finding the appropriate ensemble starts with knowing whether or not it is a casual, semi-formal, black tie, or beach wedding– the invitation is a good source for this information. The invitation sets the tone for the entire event, so paying attention to the quality and the details will suggest how dressed up the guests should be. Looking at the venue will also be a tipoff to either a barefoot beach wedding or a black tie affair.

Casual and Beach Weddings

Most people get excited about getting all dolled up for a wedding, but in the event that it is super casual, like a small gathering or a civil ceremony, it is critical not to overdo it. A short dress in a pastel color or a floral pattern paired with a modest heel is ideal. This is not the time to make a statement or upstage the bride who will be in a relaxed gown as well.

Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com
Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com

Semi-Formal and Black Tie Weddings

This is the time to kick it up a notch. Feel free to dress up a bit here and throw your personal style into the look. Again, there is no reason to outshine the bride, but there is more freedom to play with patterns and details. A dress (or gown for a black tie wedding) with a delicate lace overlay, embellishment, or a unique hem is most appropriate here.

Playing with Color

White is tempting this time of the year, but to avoid glares from the bride all night, stay away from it. Instead, go for a look in this season’s hottest colors. Ice blue, cherry red, lemon yellow, and light rose all made an appearance on the runways. A dress with a modest silhouette in a bold color will have you looking just right.

Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com
Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com

Do Not Shy Away from Black

Yes, black is undesirable for the spring and summer as it draws heat to the body, but as most women’s go to for a sliming and simple look, it still has its appeal. For a daytime or beach wedding you should still stay far away from black, but for a nighttime affair in a silk or chiffon fabric it can still be very tasteful.

Go Trendy

If dresses are not really your thing, no worries; there are many different options that still reflect the elegance of a wedding. A fabulous jumpsuit, reminiscent of Solange Knowles’ wedding garb, or a pantsuit, make for a unique look.

Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com
Photo by Jenna Milliner-Waddell via Polyvore.com

If a wedding is not on your calendar for the upcoming season, these same tips can be applied to most big events for the spring and summer.


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