House of Cards Leak


By Jess Nocera

The highly anticipated third season of the Netflix original, “House of Cards” was released on Feb. 27. However, fans received an accidental sneak peek after a technical glitch had all 13 episodes of season 3 appear on Netflix on Feb. 11. The official twitter account of the series, @HouseofCards, tweeted: “This is Washington. There is always a leak,” in reaction to the accidental leak.

“House of Cards” first premiered in 2013 and each new season has somehow become more corrupted and shocking than the last. Political mastermind Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has now worked his way into being the president of the United States. So now that Frank truly holds all the power, who knows what he will do with it.

Justin Snyder, a sophomore finance and government and politics major, said he’s looking forward to, “the drama that goes down and if he [Underwood] will be dethroned and looking forward to who dies.” Snyder, like most Netflix users, is going to binge watch the series.

Season 2 came with the shocking death of journalist, Zoe Barnes, which occurred when Underwood was only a congressman. Throughout the past two seasons it has become apparent that both Frank and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) are very manipulative people and do not always use their status and power for good. As a team they construct diabolical plans and are able to slyly get out of a lot of situations, as seen mostly in the previous season.

“I [actually] hated the ending of season 2 and the second half of season 2,” said sophomore government and politics and journalism major Lexie Schapitl. “I’m happy that most of what happened in season 2 has been concluded. I am excited to see what happens now that Frank is president.”

Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel), the deceptive solicitor general who took down president Walker, has since taken a major role in the third season.

Season 3 of “House of Cards” is going to bring an entire new bag of tricks to the table and further show viewers the manipulative games that truly go on in the White House.


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