Terps Mean Business: Smith School of Business Adds Two New Minors

Photo By: Matthew Regan
Photo By: Matthew Regan

By Ina Reyes

Students have asked for business minors and now the Robert H. Smith School of Business offers two.

The first is the general business minor, which provides students with the “business savvy to complement the depth of knowledge acquired in any major, helping them to excel in their careers after graduation,” according to Donna B. Hamilton, the Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The second is the innovation and entrepreneurship minor, which “equips students with the knowledge and skills to ramp up their own businesses, and to innovate and think creatively about problem-solving and strategy,” Hamilton continues.

According to the Smith School, minor applicants must complete “at least 45 credit hours prior to application to the program, however 60 credit hours will have to be earned and included on their transcript by the start of fall (2015) classes.” Minor applicants must also complete this with an overall GPA of at least a 2.0.

Students are also applying to the minors as an alternative to applying to a Smith business major, which requires an overall GPA of at least a 3.5. Hannah Pendergast, a sophomore currently enrolled in Letters and Sciences, is currently applying to the business school with the intention of majoring in accounting.

“Since it is so competitive, in case I didn’t receive admissions, I decided to apply to the minor,” said Pendergast. “Today’s society is so business-oriented, so college students who have a background in business in some way will really have an advantage in any career they pursue.”

The minors require 15 credit hours and will be posted on a student’s academic transcript, but not on the diploma, according to the Smith School.

The foundation courses for the minors include: Accounting (BMGT 210), Finance (BMGT 345), Marketing (BMGT 355) and Management (BMGT 395) – each two credits. General business requires all four and I&E requires any three out of the four.

The general business minor is not open to already declared business majors. However, non-business students may apply for any of the three Smith Minors, according to the Smith school.

Keren Straus, sophomore studio art major, took the opportunity and applied to both, with innovation & entrepreneurship as her first choice and general business as her second.

“The business minor will allow me to have a background in business without putting aside my interest for my major,” said Straus. “I decided to apply so I will have the knowledge to be able to sell my own artwork and potentially start a business of my own involving my artwork.”

Sophomore government and politics major Grant Homan adds, “I saw it as an opportunity to learn a new set of skills that I could apply in my future no matter what I decide to do.”

The application deadline for the 2015-2016 academic year closed on Feb. 23. The decisions will be sent out in April. Enrollment for the general business and innovation and entrepreneurship minor are each capped at 180 students. The two new minors join the existing business analytics minor, which capped at 40 students.


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