Campus Solutions: Comedy News Team Here to “Solve” UMD

Photo By: Nathan Rennich
Photo By: Nathan Rennich

By Senaya Savir

As Stephen Colbert says, “Satire is parody with a point,” quoted sophomore and public relations major Adam Goldberg who recently created “Campus Solutions,” a comedy news team set to solve the biggest issues to hit campus.

Satirical comedy shows such as “Nathan For You” and “The Daily Show with John Stewart” inspired Goldberg to create a medium that would provide students with a humorous take on everyday news and issues.

“I wouldn’t say we are exactly like these shows, we wanted to create something on this campus that is different then a regular sketch or improv group and that deals with different mediums,” said Goldberg, who included he wanted to create a “student pulse” and take things that are currently happening and make it entertaining for students.

Their first segment, which was filmed in November, focused on “Sex in College Park.” Goldberg and his team walked around Route 1 on a Saturday night asking drunk bystanders about their views on sex.

Following the interviews, Campus Solutions launched their first video on their YouTube channel titled, “Tinder in Real Life,” on McKeldin Mall.

Goldberg, seeking to find out if people could connect after a forced date in real life, would approach students asking if they would “swipe left or right.” After finally finding a match, Goldberg escorted the students to a somewhat romantic setting, set up with premeditated questions.

While the experiment proved that a Tinder date in real life is destined to fail, it created unanticipated buzz throughout campus.

“I participated because I had some time to kill before class and my friend dared me, I was kind of shocked to see the video has 4,000 views already!” said junior and communications major, Ashley Ossip.

Campus Solutions is currently comprised of over 20 people who are involved in script writing, photography, participating and cinematography.

“We don’t turn people away if they want to help out, there’s always a way a person can be part of the team if they want too,” Goldberg said.

“We want everyone to watch Campus Solutions, why would we want to exclude anyone?” added Sam Cunningham, a math and science major and member of the group.

Campus Solutions will incorporate field correspondents segments, live street interviews, and staged comedic scenarios.

“We’re giving you the answers to questions you didn’t know you had,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg and Cunningham said Campus Solutions plans to do a report on crime in College Park and put together a documentary on “Ratzies”, a pizza place that has become a staple for U-Md. Students, which had plans of closing down soon.

“There will certainly be a serious aspect to some things,” said Goldberg who emphasized that Campus Solutions intends on making people laugh, but also sending a message.

Beginning this project only this past October, the Campus Solutions team has high hopes and future goals in mind.

“We want to grow in numbers and as a unit, produce better and better content as our videos progress,” said Cunningham, stating that the team has already been progressively figuring things out and coming together.

Goldberg, who hopes to one day work as a comedy writer, intends on making Campus Solutions a legacy that will hopefully continue after he graduates and maybe even spread to other campuses.

Goldberg and Cunningham emphasized Campus Solutions is not an exclusive club, and anyone interested could email, and its videos and content can be viewed by subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

“We created this as an outlet to hear the student’s perspective on everyday campus news – exposing absurdity in a humorous way,” Goldberg concluded.


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