Dorm Room Organization Hits Home for Students

By Bethany Hooper

Spring is a time of renewal and a time of cleansing. Do you know what that means? That’s right: spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning has a negative connotation for most people. A yearly tradition of organizing and compressing brings dread to those who like to go for the “organized chaos” look.

For those in dorms, however, spring cleaning is a small trade-off for sanity. So where should one start?

Freshman journalism major Maeve Dunigan said things can get a little crowded in the flex triple where she lives with two other girls, but she has learned to love it.

“We basically just learned to respect each other’s space and keep our belongings in our separate areas,” Dunigan wrote in an email. “It actually wasn’t that difficult of an adjustment. We are all tidy enough and respectful enough that living in close quarters hasn’t been too difficult.”

So what tips does Dunigan have for keeping a dorm room organized?

“I would just say that it’s important to keep clothes off of the floor … so it’s important to have a hamper of some sort and use it,” Dunigan said. “We each have some plastic drawer sets that help to organize the room and ensure that the little floor space we have doesn’t get cluttered.”

Dunigan’s roommate, Olivia Herdje, a freshman enrolled in Letters and Sciences agreed.

“For me, the most clutter comes from clothes,” Herdje said. “So after changing outfits definitely put your clothes back in the drawer instead of on the floor.”

Herdje also makes more space by using a lofted bed.

So what does one do when a dorm room begs for more space?

Sophomore operations and marketing major Dana D’Aquila said it took her a year to figure out a good layout for her dorm.

“We put our beds up against the wall, and we put our dressers in our closet so we have more space on our floor,” D’Aquila said. “Our first year, we had everything out on the floor and we didn’t have a living space.”

D’Aquila, on the other hand, said lofted beds interfere with her working style.

“I think it is annoying because I don’t sit at my desk,” D’Aquila said. “I sit on my bed to do my homework … I wouldn’t want to have to climb up and down.”

D’Aquila also uses a vacuum, Swiffer and Lysol wipes to keep her dorm room clean and organized all year long.

It isn’t too early or too late to get started on a cleaning spree. With a few storage containers, a hamper and cleaning supplies, a little organization can go a long way.

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