Spring Offers at the ALC

By Senaya Savir

The Art and Learning Center at the Stamp Student Union serves as a creative outlet for passionate people looking for a place to channel their creative expression and self-development.

Whether students are looking for the opportunity to release some stress amidst their busy schedules, or interested in picking up a new skill, the ALC located in the basement of Stamp offers non-credit classes in a variety of different areas.
Their weekly classes are open not only to students, but to staff, faculty, alumni, and residents of College Park in the spring, summer and fall semesters.
This semester, the ALC offers non-credit courses in Ceramics, Visual Arts, Photography, Dance, Digital Lab, Yoga, and Culinary Arts.
Kalene Resler, a Graduate Assistant Coordinator at the ALC, said the yoga classes, offered weekly over a 10-week session, stand as a fan-favorite. Open to people of all levels and backgrounds, the ALC’s Yoga Break class is offered during the day, where Resler said students often come for a relaxing break in the middle of classes or work, while Energy Yoga is offered in the evenings.
Peter Lee, who works for the ALC, described Yoga Break as the more desirable class for students looking to break up their chaotic day by entering a peaceful and serene environment for a quick hour.
“Energy Yoga is similar to Break Yoga except it is a little longer and the temperature is set at a higher level,” Lee said. “They are typically more popular because the classes are offered in the evening.”
Aside from yoga, the ceramics classes are by far the most popular among students on campus.
“While we have classes four nights a week, our ceramics studio space is limited because they fill up so fast,” said Resler.
Resler’s personal favorite is a brand new Vegetarian Cooking class, which is offered in collaboration with the Maryland Food CO-Op and Green Tidings Food Truck.
“It’s a five-week interactive cooking course where students learn to make gourmet, fresh meals and enjoy their culinary masterpieces.”
Resler mentioned that the ALC opens its doors to anyone interested in seeking a creative outlet, stating that the dynamic creates “an enriching environment where students can learn from each other as well as from their instructors.”


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