New Vegan Bistro opens on Valentine’s Day

Vegan BistroBy Senaya Savir

Woodland’s Vegan Bistro, a foodie hotspot in the DC area, had its grand opening in College Park on Valentine’s Day, replacing The Maryland Smokehouse, and serving as the newest addition to the string of restaurants located underneath The Varsity and the University View.

One of the bistro’s owners, Mickiyah Woodland, has high hopes for the restaurant’s opening.

“Our Washington location serves a diverse customer base, people travel from all over the region to come and dine with us and I expect the same attraction to our newest location,” Woodland said.

Silas Jackson, a manager at Woodland’s Vegan Bistro located on Georgia Ave in Washington, also believes the restaurant will be extremely successful in a town dominated by college students.

“We were very happy to hear that the grand opening was packed with students,” Jackson said.

The new restaurant contains a unique, friendly atmosphere where people can expect to enjoy both its’ laid back atmosphere and quality food whether they are vegan or not, Woodland said.

The 100 percent vegan menu consists of meat-free salads, sandwiches and a variety of fresh juices and smoothies that range under 10 dollars.

The new locally owned restaurant offers a creative take on traditional meals such as “chicken” and waffles for brunch, which is served on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

With people becoming more and more health conscious and with veganism on the rise, students seem to be excited about having another healthy food option available to them, regardless of whether they are vegan or not.

“Considering Sweet Green is such a hit, I believe students will follow the healthy path that has already been paved even if they are not necessarily vegan or vegetarian,” said Jared Levitt, a freshman who is currently a resident at the Varsity and a non-vegan.

Levitt, an anticipated business major, believes that though there hasn’t been too much commotion regarding the cafe’s opening thus far, healthy food alternatives are typically popular amongst college students, so the hype will surely follow upon its arrival.

On the other side of the spectrum, vegan student Katie Ruland living in the University View expressed her excitement about not only having a new restaurant that serves a variety of vegan comfort foods, but also having options that are gluten and soy free.

Ruland, a sophomore electrical engineering major, stated how though there are vegan/vegetarian options available at restaurants on campus she believes it’s important to show people that there are other choices in a vegan diet besides salad.

From “steak” and “cheese” subs to BBQ “chicken,” Woodland’s menu offers an array of unique entrees for vegans and vegetarians that they would typically avoid.

“People are excited about Woodland’s Vegan Bistro opening, I think non vegans and vegetarians are both curious about the food it will offer and are eager to try it out,” Ruland said.


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