Sweet Holiday

By Natalie Koltun

From warm toast for breakfast to free-spooning over Netflix, people of all ages can relate to one thing — their enduring love for Nutella.

Nutella lovers across the globe celebrated the ninth annual World Nutella Day Feb. 5 by posting pictures, videos and recipes with the delightful hazelnut spread to the World Nutella Day Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Now that I know it exists, I will definitely celebrate,” said Sam Dreifuss, junior government and politics major.

Created in 2007, American blogger Sara Rosso decided there ought to be a day set aside to appreciate the sweet treat. She created an unofficial website and created a following of thousands of chocolate-hazelnut enthusiasts.

Thus, World Nutella Day was born.

This year, more than 165,000 fans joined the event page on Facebook.

“My parents had me try it when I was 8 years old and on a vacation in a place where Nutella is more prominent,” said Corinne Langer, a junior supply chain management and marketing major.

“I didn’t want to because I do not typically love nuts and I assumed it would taste like peanut butter,” Langer said. “I was utterly mistaken. After one bite, I couldn’t stop eating it.”

Since then, thousands of fans have celebrated this day by adding Nutella to their favorite snack. Langer suggests Nutella crepes or dipping pretzels in the gooey goodness for “the ultimate classic snack.”

Ferrero S.p.A., the company that produces the beloved hazelnut spread, nearly put the kibosh on Nutella enthusiasts’ holiday spirit when it sent Rosso a cease-and-desist letter in 2013. There was controversy over an improper use of its trademark on the fan page, according to a May 2013 article of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Before the page was taken down and World Nutella Day cancelled, Ferrero and Rosso came to an agreement in which all charges were dropped. Ferrero has since taken over all operations, according to a statement released by Rosso.


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