More Than Meets the Eye

By Hannah Lang

You know McKeldin Mall, Hornbake Library and the Memorial Chapel, but there’s a lot more to the University of Maryland than these famous landmarks.

Hundreds of thousands of students have walked the paved pathways across McKeldin Mall, but very few take the time to discover the little secrets the university has to offer.

Jessica Martins, a freshman enrolled in Letters & Sciences, originally heard about the secret computer lab under Regent’s Drive Garage from a friend. The lab is often referred to as “the bat cave”.

“The Bat Cave is a perfect quiet place to study for residents on North Campus,” Martins said. “You just swipe in Regent’s Garage and once you go down a flight of stairs there’s a door that leads right to it. It’s a close, quiet place to study without having to walk to McKeldin.”

The computer lab is open 24/7 and has over 50 computers available for student use.

Lake Artemesia is easily accessible from campus, and while many are unaware of its existence, the surrounding park and lake have been an integral part of College Park since 1976. The park features over two miles of trails and a 38-acre lake.

Abigail Cahalan, a freshman kinesiology major, often runs withTerp Runners, the club cross-country team, to Lake Artemesia.

Lake Artemesia is located behind the College Park Community Center on the opposite side of the train tracks.

In addition to these little-known gems of College Park, students find solace in the garden in the labyrinth at the Memorial Chapel. It’s even rumored that under one of the benches is a journal where various students share their innermost thoughts and desires.

One thing’s for sure: there’s a lot more that the University of Maryland has to offer than meets the eye. You never know what you’ll find if you wander off the unbeaten path


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