Things to Do Before You Graduate

By Rachel Kuipers

The University of Maryland is rich with traditions that supply bucket list opportunities for graduating students.

Some of the most prevalent traditions include rubbing Testudo’s nose for luck on assignments and tests, as well as leaving sacrifices for him during exams. Others involve breaking into Byrd Stadium and jumping into the fountain on McKeldin Mall.

“I think they’re popular partly because it feels like an obligation when you hear of people doing it before graduation,” said Jake Cohen, a senior electrical engineering major. “It almost feels like a rite of passage.”

“I’ve only snuck into Byrd once freshman year. It was a fun experience but it was risky, and I wouldn’t do it a second time. Once it gets warm I would probably swim in the fountain,” he said.

Testudo serves as a popular source of bucket list items and traditions many students take part in.

“Supposedly leaving a sacrifice to Testudo is good luck and you’ll do well on your exams,” said senior psychology major Raven Harris. “I don’t really believe in luck, so I haven’t done the Testudo sacrifice, but I have taken a dip in the fountain.”

However, not all students have the opportunity to take part in college bucket list items.

“Last fall I know some people broke in [to Byrd Stadium] and played football during one of the snow days,” said Cassandra Dillon, a senior studio art major that lives off-campus. “I think it’s harder for people who don’t live on campus to have things like that.”

“I’ve never left [Testudo] a sacrifice, but I always rub his nose,” she added.

Senior journalism major Brad Kronthal said he’s heard of the bucket list items most students aspire to complete, but that he hasn’t done them.

“I’ve been wanting to go to MD my whole life, my parents went here, so some of the things I’ve thought of were going to basketball and football games, sitting in the student section and doing the cheers and chants at the other teams,” he said.

Kronthal said since he came to Maryland, he’s been to almost all of the football and basketball games “either as a fan or broadcasting them for WMUC sports.”

“We beat Duke who was number two in the country in 2013. There was a huge court storming after the game and everyone went straight from the Comcast Center at the time to Route 1 and took over Route 1. They had to shut it down; they had cops on horses trying to shut it down.”


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