Five Versatile Items for Spring

By Mikayla Baiocchi

1.) Halter Bra

Spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer and you know what that means – no more bulky winter jackets zipped up to our lips! Our skin can finally feel air again and what better way to embrace showing off some skin than with a delicate, lace halter bra gracing your neck and collarbones. This halter bra is a perfect accent to sheer shirts, or shirts with open necklines.

2.) Slip-on Sneakers

Thanks to the color and cut of these sneakers, they go perfectly with your day-to-day leggings and jeans, but can also dress down an outfit. Toss them on with your favorite pair of ripped jeans, or with your go-to girly dress. Either way, comfort will ensue!

3.) Tight tank dress – very versatile silhouette

While its neckline and pattern give this dress a casual vibe, its form-fitting silhouette makes it sensual as well. Play up the dress’s casual side with slip-on sneakers, loads of rings and bracelets, and a cargo jacket, or play up its sensual side with a cropped, leather jacket and dark ankle booties.

4.) Classic jacket

Spring – not too cold, but definitely not too hot yet. Get through windy March with this luxe and classic coat that ties at the waist. The color and the silhouette make this coat extremely versatile, allowing it to be paired with leggings and sneakers, or a body-con dress with tights. Let a coat like this get you through spring.

5.) Chic leggings

‘Athleisure’- maybe you have not heard this exact word before, but I am sure you are familiar with this trend that has taken over cities and college campuses everywhere. It is when leggings, sneakers and other pieces of workout wear are worn on a casual basis (aka NOT to the gym). If you do not already have a good pair of leggings to wear to class, it is time to purchase a pair. Go for leggings with chic touches such as side-paneling, a high-waist, or pops of color.


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