Smoothies Redefined: Enhancements or Just Desserts

By Karen Tang

The Sneaker’s Energy Zone Café located at Eppley Recreation Center now offers 10 different flavor combinations for students to buy.

The company, Freshens, sponsors the smoothies at Sneaker’s Energy Zone. The flavor combinations include Greek yogurt, organic greens, high performance protein, pom-raspberry, mango, kiwi-lime and peach sorbet.

Male students seem to be more attracted to the high-protein Freshen smoothies, a Freshens employee working in Eppley said.

“After a nice workout, I like getting one of the shakes that has extra protein in it to help recover,” said senior Zach Dancel, a finance major.

The new high-protein smoothies include, ‘Oh Kale’, ‘Peanut Butter Protein’ and ‘Protein Power Up.’

Men are interested in the high-protein smoothies because they help with protein synthesis, or building the muscles one utilizes during a weight training session, said Colleen Davis, the director of sports nutrition.

“You want protein to help stimulate that muscle synthesis response in your body,” Davis said.

In the new menu, customers can get up to three scoops of protein in their smoothies.

“After a workout, [protein is] the best thing to put in your body,” senior Jeff Robinson said.

Many male students are more likely to buy these products because men are usually looking to build more muscle than females, Davis said.

Although many female students are not gravitating toward the higher protein smoothies, they also enjoy a smoothie after their workout.

“I come [get a Freshens smoothie] every time I come to the gym,” senior Susan Kim said. “The smoothies taste good and act as a reward after working out.”

If requested, customers can choose from six “light” flavor combinations. The light smoothies have a no-sugar-added base and have one-third fewer calories.

“The lighter smoothies taste just as great as the regular smoothies, just with less calories,” said junior Bailey Philbin, a kinesiology major.

Philbin would like to see more smoothie options available on both sides of campus with the ability to use their Terrapin Express money to pay for the purchase.

“I don’t feel guilty [using Terrapin Express] [because] I don’t feel like I’m spending my own money,” said senior Mel Walsh.

“Stamp would be a good place [for a smoothies location] because we only have Smoothie King on Route 1 and the ERC, which are on two opposite sides of the campus,” Philbin said.







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