Holiday gifts for those in a relationship

By Teresa Lo

One of the greatest dilemmas when holiday season comes around is what gift to buy someone.

Questions of “Will they like this? Will they use it? Is this a dumb thing to get them?” has no doubt plagued everyone at some point during their holiday shopping.

It doesn’t matter if the gift is for a family, friend or significant other; sometimes it’s just difficult to figure out the right thing to get.

“I try to buy something they need, or don’t have,” said Sulin Wu, sophomore chemical engineering major. “If they complain to me that they need something but never get it, I usually will try to get them that as a gift.”

However gifts in a relationship can send different messages, which means some extra thought might be needed to find the perfect gift during the holiday season.

“[Buying presents] for a girl, I think it’s pretty easy,“ said Nicole Falus, a freshman enrolled in letters and sciences. “But for a guy I think you really need to know him.”

Falus said that her old boyfriend was very interested in super heroes and the two of them had a running inside joke about onesies, so for Christmas she decided to get him a superman themed onesie.

Lucy Wang, a sophomore biochemical major, said she wouldn’t want to receive make up or jewelry because these things are “too cliché.” Instead she thinks that the sexiest thing to receive would be a homemade meal or food that a boyfriend has made himself.

Falus agrees that a homemade meal would be a romantic gift.

“Honestly, if the guy said ‘okay I have the house for the entire night and I’m just going to make you a meal’ that would be great,” said Falus.

Wang said that she thinks personalized coupons are always cute as a present. The coupons would redeem things such as “one free massage” or “one kiss.”


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