Group of journalism students start Ed on Campus chapter

By Jake Eisenberg

Chandra Turner began her career in the magazine world in a whirlwind of a cliché, arriving as an intern for American Society of Magazine Editors at American Baby magazine one week after graduating from college with two suitcases in tow.

Turner, in her experiences, came to the realization that the world of journalism is a network, and who you know is just as important at what you know. Thus, after happy hours and meet-ups with fellow interns and Indiana University graduates in the field, Ed2010 was born.

This summer, Jess Nocera, the profiles editor of this magazine, reached out to Ed2010 to begin chartering a chapter. Now established, this university’s Ed on Campus is one of 33 chapters on college campuses across the country.

Ed2010 and Ed on Campus connects young journalists to the world of magazine journalism around them, mainly by serving as a networking tool.

“It’s an outlet for students who are interested in magazine journalism,” said Nocera, a sophomore journalism major. “Maybe [students] are not sure if they want to write for a magazine or are interested in the business side of things.”

The club, now with 54 likes on its Facebook page as it generates a following, hopes to have panels filled with experts in the industry to help students understand how the magazine industry works.

“Our adviser, Sharon O’Malley, has a ton of connections in the magazine industry and will help us bring in professionals for different panels,” said Jenna Milliner-Waddell, a sophomore journalism major and the chapter’s events chair.

O’Malley has worked as an adjunct professor at the journalism school for more than 20 years. A freelance writer, editor, consultant and trainer, her work has appeared in a litany of newspapers and magazines, including USA Today, The Washington Times and Ladies’ Home Journal.

Panels and events will allow members of the club to network in the industry, just as Turner did. Those looking to immerse themselves in the magazine world might find themselves with a slew of opportunities.

“It’s really beneficial,” Milliner-Waddell said. “A lot of people told me they found internships through Ed2010. I was unaware of the resources, and I ending up finding out helpful it could be.”

This past semester, the club hosted a panel featuring students who write for this magazine, The Campus Trainer, The Writers Bloc and students who have had magazine-based internships. Maryland’s Ed on Campus plans to kick off next semester with a screening of The Devil Wears Prada.

The members of the newly formed club are connected by a love for magazines. It’s a unique medium, driven by feature-style content in a specified niche setting. Nocera is inspired by the freedom to write on any subject in a variety of ways. For Milliner-Waddell, it’s the physical appeal.

“I love being able to flip through a magazine and I think a lot of people share the same thought,” said Milliner-Waddell, who wants to write about fashion. “I love photos and spreads with the glossy pages.”

Because of their specified readership, magazines can often be overlooked.

“It’s important that students realize there’s more than just newspapers,” Nocera said. “This club helps students find their niche and lets students know that there are ways to be involved with magazine writing through Merrill.”


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