Recap: ‘The Newsroom’ S3E3 “Main Justice”

By Sam Reilly

This week’s The Newsroom offered up a little more than your latest BFF debacle. Mac (Emily Mortimer) let her wedding weave its way into an argument with her old friend and FBI agent, threatening her with fish and a potential seat at “the loser table.”

Will (Jeff Daniels) let his prosecutor side show just enough for viewers to remember that he didn’t get a fancy journalism degree from Philip Merrill (he’s definitely missing out), but rather that his real roots lie in the study of law.

Neal (Dev Patel) was nowhere to be found in the entire episode, but gets tracked down to Venezuela, where it seems he is having a pretty panic-filled vacation that won’t end anytime soon.

Mature Maggie (Alison Pill) takes the stage again as producer of her highly coveted EPA story that wins airtime on the Friday night broadcast. After careful crafting and delicate choosing of the perfect interview script, the segment serves as an outlet for the EPA director to ruin everyone’s Friday by telling all of ACN’s viewers that the world is ending and the situation is — and I quote — “hopeless.”

Don (Thomas Sadoski) and Sloan (Olivia Munn) face trouble from HR’s new Vice President when he informs Don that their “anchor” and “executive producer” titles reach a whole new level when paired up with their “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” roles.

Jim (John Gallagher Jr.) clashes with Hallie (Grace Gummer) when he advises her to reject a job offer in which she is compensated based on the number of page views she receives.

The episode opened up little in terms of new plot lines, but reached a new level of soil in each one already open. Holding a bit more comedic relief than the two episodes which opened the season, the episode was less than ground breaking.

Still, you can’t help but fall in love with each of the characters every time their loyalty pours out into the open by means of speech, or their lack thereof. Sorkin is creating a family on the screen and pulling us all into it.

Check back next week for a post-turkey recap of The Newsroom. Keep watching and keep reading!


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