Illustration by John Ritter

Rolling Stone highlights rape culture at UVA, social media blows up

By Amanda Eisenberg

“Nobody wants to send their daughter to the rape school.”

Illustration by John Ritter
Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone. Illustration by John Ritter

Rolling Stone published a trend piece on campus rape yesterday, which follows the story of a University of Virginia student’s gang rape and her struggle to live with what she called a “bad decision.”

The piece, nearly 9,000 words, has caught the attention of college students at this university, especially now that the school has updated its sexual misconduct policy.

“Unfortunately, rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does, we accept the degradation of women and make excuses for male violence,” wrote senior government and politics major May Mobarek on her Facebook wall. “It’s time to end our collective tolerance for violence against women and create an environment that empowers both men and women to change the status quo.”

More than 61,000 Facebook users have shared the piece, which garnered 1,700 comments on

University of Virginia is one of 12 universities under a “compliance review,” which Rolling Stone defines as “a proactive probe launched by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights itself, triggered by concerns about deep-rooted issues.”

Eighty-six schools are also under federal investigation for not complying with Title IX, University of Virginia included.


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