Recap: ‘The Newsroom’ S3E2 “Run”

By Sam Reilly

There isn’t much to say except that every episode of ‘The Newsroom’ leaves me emotionally damaged in the best way possible. Sorry, that was a little bit of a lie–there’s a lot more to say besides that.

Sloan (Olivia Munn) and Don (Thomas Sadoski) continue to test and challenge each other, quite literally, in fact, in their perpetual postponement of having “the talk” about defining their relationship. As always, Sloan has some top-secret economic information that puts her at the top of the world and, this time, Don in front of potential criminal charges.

Maggie (Alison Pill) has another “I’m a big kid now” moment when she puts her morals ahead of her byline by passing up the chance to break a huge Environmental Protection Agency story that she overhears on her train ride back from Boston.

Hallie (Grace Gummer) clearly never watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’, or else she would have known that nothing good ever happens after two a.m. and that includes sending out offensive tweets from your news company’s official twitter and nearly costing ACN the ability to interview any recognized Republican on-air ever again. It’s okay, we all make mistakes, and you were really just getting in the way over there, anyway. (Sorry to all the Hallie-lovers out there!)

As if Charlie (Sam Waterston) didn’t have enough to stretch out his vocal chords over, the twins’ plans for a hostile takeover of the corporation push Reese (Chris Messina) over the edge and Leona (Jane Fonda) into $4 billion worth of debt to keep ACN alive. (And you thought that fighting your little siblings over the TV remote was bad!)

Neal (Dev Patel) is completely submerged in imminent charges of contempt and espionage over his mysteriously-acquired federal documents. Will (Jeff Daniels), despite his bad-cop role in front of the lawyer, is more than willing to put himself at risk for the sake of Neal and what they both know to be right. It gave me the journalistic butterflies, to say the least.

As the FBI filed-into the ACN newsroom to search and case it, Neal followed Will’s instructions (delivered via a take-out menu and super-sly intern) to “run.” We’re rooting for you, Neal.

It was another fifty-six minutes of complications and plot twists that I might just have to watch again before next week.

To paraphrase Will, I’m Sam Reilly. Good night.


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