Upcoming fashion collaborations you don’t want to miss

By Hannah Lang

Let’s be honest, the hottest designer clothes of the season just aren’t in the budget of the average broke college kid.

But it’s OK if you’re not be able to shell out a small fortune for that outfit you just saw on the runway, because affordable department stores and chains are teaming up with high-end designers and fashionistas to launch collections that are just as lust-worthy but won’t break the bank.

A screenshot of Kohl's website, featuring Elie Tahari's collection.
A screenshot of Kohl’s website, featuring Elie Tahari’s collection.

Target is famous for partnering with the top designers and fashion moguls, and this year is no exception. This fall, Target launched a collaboration with Joseph Altuzarra, a designer known for sophistication with touches of femininity. The collection, which premiered earlier this fall, contains about 50 pieces that range in price from $17.99 to $89.99. The featured clothes combine simplicity with professionalism, and are perfect for debuting during the holiday season.

And if just one Target collaboration wasn’t enough, the brand has also teamed up with TOMS just in time for your holiday shopping. The collection isn’t just limited to special editions of the famous TOMS shoes: it contains T-shirts, sweaters, hats and gloves, too. Best of all? The pieces cost fewer than $50 each, and with each purchase, the company donates a portion of the proceeds to either the American Red Cross or Feeding America.

H&M is also widely known for offering fashionable clothes at relatively low prices, and their recent partnership with Alexander Wang offers customers a taste of the designer’s punk-rock style. The line is described as “sporty-chic” and features many simple, dark staple pieces. Wang further emphasizes the athletic style of this label with shirts that only reveal his logo when combined with sweat. Who knew sprinting to your 8 a.m. could be so chic? The clothes in this collection are priced higher than typical clothes from H&M, but may be worth the long-term investment if designer clothes are your guilty pleasure.

Topshop and Beyoncé have also caught on to the athletic-wear trend. Beyoncé once again proves that girls do in fact run the world by working with the British brand to release fitness-inspired fashions that combine comfort with a desired high-end look. No word on when the collection is to be released, but that hasn’t stopped shoppers from getting excited. “I feel like the clothes will look really cool,” said freshman psychology major Caroline Gabriel. “Everyone loves Beyoncé.”

While Kohl’s isn’t as notorious for bringing in big-name designers, they recently announced a collaboration with the brand Milly by Michelle Smith. The brand isn’t as well-known as Alexander Wang or Joseph Altuzarra, but is considered more “up and coming.” Many of the Milly by Michelle Smith clothes are island and city-inspired, and are predicted to resonate well with Kohl’s customers. The collaboration is set to take off online and in stores this spring.

If you’re looking to splurge a bit more this winter, keep an eye out for Nordstrom Signature’s upcoming collaboration with Caroline Issa, the fashion director and creative consultant for Tank Magazine. Issa is known for her love of shapes, bright colors and prints when it comes to fashion. The collection is said to feature 25 pieces that range in price from $225 to $2,995, so if you’re interested, start saving up now. The clothes are expected to hit stores in February.


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