Taking it back to the ‘90s

Chokers have made a comeback. Photo by Jess Nocera
Chokers have made a comeback. Photo by Jess Nocera

By Jess Nocera

Each school year brings in tons of new fashion trends and fads. Some of these trends have made a lasting impact, such as leggings and riding boots, whereas others have come and gone. For example, gone are the days of girls in full-on velour Juicy Couture tracksuits or trying to walk in platform sneakers.

This school year, it seems that a fashion revival has spread like wildfire across the campus and not just a particular trend: it is the fashion revival of the iconic ‘90s.

Most undergraduate college students can relate to the ‘90s because it is the decade in which we grew up. There seems to be a great nostalgia for the ‘90s all the time.

There are many ways to revive the past and one the greatest ways to do so is with fashion. Three iconic pieces of clothing that were staples of ‘90s fashion have made their way back on to the campus: scrunchies, plastic black chokers and overalls.

Sophomore mathematics major Melissa Chammas gave her opinion on the revival.

“It’s interesting to see what trends make their way back to the campus each semester,”Chammas said. “I love the ‘90s throwback because it reminds me of my childhood. I feel like everyone is getting sick of the ‘modern’ styles so they are all going deep into their closets and bringing back tons of old styles.”

In 1987, Rommy Revson invented and patented the scrunchie design in the U.S. It was immensely popular from the late ‘80s to the mid ‘90s. Did Revson know that the simplistic design of terry cloth elastic hairbands would still be worn today? Around the campus girls either wear the scrunchies in their hair or around their wrist as a comfortable accessory.

“The thing I love most about scrunchies is how they don’t break my hair like regular hair ties,” said sophomore criminology and criminal justice major Abby Neft.

Overalls were another popular clothing piece to wear during the ‘90s. Teenagers in the ‘90s could be seen in blue denim and railroad stripe style overalls. It was also considered “cool” to leave one of the straps hanging loose. Today, both short cute and long pant overalls are back in style. Girls are layering overalls with cute, simple t-shirts underneath, cuffing the longer pant overalls and wearing them with Converse, Sperrys or other casual, popular shoes.

Another way the layering trend is shown through the ‘90s revival is with chokers. It is very common to see students walking around the campus wearing the iconic black chokers sometimes along with simple chains with a small charm or longer necklaces.

Junior psychology major Ali Rafal agreed with Chammas that this revival is very nostalgic for her. Rafal herself wears chokers around the campus.

“Chokers just kind of bring me back to when I was little,” Rafal said. “I collected tons of the rainbow ones when I was younger. Seeing chokers in style again really makes me think of my childhood and how much I use to love them then and now.”

Many students truly love this revival – so who’s to say that this ‘90s revival will not become a long-lasting trend?


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