College Park bars crack down on underage drinking

By Jason Dobkin

The bars on Route 1 in College Park are a very popular attraction for university and local students when it comes to nightlife. However, Cornerstone Grill and Loft, R.J. Bentley’s and Terrapin’s Turf, which opened last school year, have come down hard on fake IDs and underage drinking this school year.

“I’m 21 but a lot of my friends are underage and have fakes, and at least one of them gets turned down every time we try to go out to a bar,” junior mechanical engineering major Collin Orf said.

Orf, who transferred to this university last semester, said he and his friends rarely had a problem getting into the bars for the majority of spring semester last school year.

Photo by Nathan Rennich
Photo by Nathan Rennich

The bars in the area seem to have started to be a lot stricter since the Prince George’s County liquor board forced Cornerstone to close its doors for 10 days this past summer in response to an incident that occurred in March 2013. There was a fight outside the bar between a group of university students, one of which suffered a serious head and brain injury, according to The Diamondback. Several of these students were underage and had been drinking at Cornerstone.

All of the Route 1 bars seem to have learned from Cornerstone’s example. Sophomore mechanical engineering major Dominic LoPiccolo said he has trouble getting into the bars with his fake ID this year, but he understands the reasoning behind the crackdown.

“It sucks that I can’t really go to the bars, but it’s not the end of the world,” he said. “I know these places need to do what they have to do to keep their business running.”

Freshman computer engineering major Zach Aebli is hopeful that the bars will start to ease up in the

“A very large portion of the business the bars get comes from underage students,” he said. “That’s a ton of money to pass up on, and I think the underage market is way too lucrative for the bars to stay this strict forever.”


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