Seeing with your ears: A beauty adventure

By Briana Provost

See with your ears

Have you ever wanted to try something a little outside the box, just to see if people noticed? Have you ever wondered what your peers would say?

A golf coach that I once knew always used to wear one earring or two different ones to see if people were paying attention. I have always been curious as to whether or not this little test actually worked, so I figured I would give it a try.

Over the course of four days, I gave this tactic a try to see what results I would get. I started with smaller, more discrete studs and then worked my way up to larger dangly earrings as the week progressed.

In the beginning I was so excited about trying this out, but that changed when I walked out of the dorm door (the nerves magically appeared). Eventually, the anxiety passed and my eagerness to see how people would react kicked in.

As the first few days slipped by, I felt like the sneakiest person in the room when people did not comment on my style choice. However, I was very surprised when not one person remarked on my choice of earrings throughout the whole week.

These results got me thinking: Was it that people are not paying attention to each other? Or is it that people are becoming more accepting of out-of-the-box style choices?

Perhaps it is both.

Our generation is notorious for disregarding those in our immediate lives because of their phones, computers and other distractions from face-to-face connections with people. Especially college students, who are too busy with their assignments to really take a hard look at the person sitting next to them in class.

On the other hand, more modern thinking tends to promote equality and acceptance of people who have different tastes in style. There is a very high possibility that some people did notice my earrings, but simply kept their opinions to themselves. Some could have kept their comments to themselves to either spare my embarrassment or they could have had respect for what I had pulled out of my jewelry box and decided to wear that morning.

I dare everyone to take this challenge and try seeing with their ears. Come to your own conclusions about how people respond to your new look.


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