‘Seventeen’ handed out grab bags, we tried out the products

By Alex Theriot

At the end of September, representatives from Seventeen magazine and beauty-care brand Garnier set up tents outside of Hornbake Library for a fun-filled day catering to students by distributing sample products and grab bags.

Photo by Alex Theriot
Photo by Alex Theriot

Students who stopped by received a drawstring bag with the Seventeen magazine logo filled with sample products ranging from lip and face care to hair treatments, all of which I had the pleasure of testing out this weekend.

Splat Hair Chalk

When I first opened my bag of goodies, I was immediately drawn to a large box near the bottom. The black box adorned with pastel greenish blue writing turned out to be hair chalk by Splat in the color Mint Candy. The box contained a small compact of hair chalk and a blending sponge. The color on the box looked different than the color in the compact, and upon closer inspection, you can see that there is a little shimmer.

Photo by Alex Theriot
Photo by Alex Theriot

I will admit to being skeptical at first because as a brunette, vibrant colors tend to not show up as well, but after trying the product I was thoroughly impressed with the color payoff. Even on the darker pieces of my hair, the color stayed true to the color in the compact. The directions on the back of the box were generally easy to follow, providing pictures to give you a better understanding.

The only downside to this product is that it can be a little messy, but the chalk won’t stain your hands and it easily comes off with some soap and water. Be careful though: the chalk may come off on your clothes, but with some hairspray to lock the powder in it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Hair chalk is one of the easiest ways to add color to your hair, seeing as it is completely temporary and washes out in the shower. I highly recommend this product, especially for more casual, fun events that let you play around with your hair. The product comes in different colors and would look great in any hair type regardless of color.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

The next thing I tried in my grab bag was the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. The packaging suggests its uses are for marks, blemishes and rough, dry skin, but the main purpose of the product is to soothe chapped lips.

Photo by Alex Theriot
Photo by Alex Theriot

When compared to a regular tube of Chapstick, the Swivel Stick is almost triple the size and contains way more product. After opening the tube, I noticed the Swivel Stick has a sweet, almost sugar cookie-type smell, along with a very large surface area perfect for distributing an even amount of product on the lips. The tube is large enough to use your finger, but I chose to use the Swivel Stick like you would Chapstick and applied it directly across my lips. Almost immediately I could feel my lips reacting to the newly provided moisture. Often with other moisturizing lip products the greasy feeling they leave behind after application can be quite uncomfortable, but the Swivel Stick maintained a smooth feel and long-lasting wear.

While I enjoyed the fact that it provides more product, the overall portability is at times unrealistic. The Swivel Stick would have a hard time fitting into clothes pockets or small clutches, but its size would be ideal for make-up bags or backpacks.

Winter is the optimal time for chapped lips, so I would definitely suggest adding the Swivel Stick to your lip care arsenal to maintain smooth, moisturized lips all year long.

Milani Lip Gloss and NYC Lip Color

What better way to accentuate newly moisturized lips than with new lip colors? The grab bag included two products from Milani and NYC Cosmetics in very different shades.

The first product I came across was the Milani lip gloss in the color Coral Crush. The orangey-pink shade was on trend all through spring and summer and will likely make an appearance in the 2015 seasons. With this product a little goes a long way, but the color, while sheer, provided the perfect coral effect as seen in last season’s magazines and is certainly buildable to add more orange tones. Lip glosses tend to feel heavier on the lips, so I wasn’t surprised when the Milani shade lived up to the standard. The shiny gold top is not only visually appealing, but also doubles as a mirror for on-the-go application.

Photo by Alex Theriot
Photo by Alex Theriot

The second lip product I tried was the NYC City Proof Twistable Lip Color in Fulton St. Fuchsia. Quite a long name for a lip color! My initial reaction to the color was that it would be too bright for my taste, but upon application, I found the color to be more on the sheer side and not as vibrant as I expected. The product does provide some sheen, so a gloss would not be necessary, but the twistable lip color feels light on the lips when compared to the Milani gloss.

I prefer the lip color to the lip gloss. As a girl with longer hair, I find that lip gloss is too messy when your hair consistently gets tossed around and finds its way into your coral colored lips. I did enjoy both colors and look forward to wearing them in the warmer months.

After some quick Internet research, the total estimated cost for all the products I reviewed came out to $18 at CVS. All of these products are available in drugstores or large retailers like Target or Walmart. Overall, I was deeply satisfied with all the products in the Seventeen magazine grab bag and would recommend them to those who love incorporating color into their everyday style.

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