A holiday gift guide made easy

Dr. Martens boots would make a great gift for the fashion minded women in your life. Photo by Amanda Azmi
Dr. Martens boots would make a great gift for the fashion minded women in your life. Photo by Amanda Azmi

By Amanda Azmi

The time has finally come; let us hope that our bank accounts will survive after this splurge of purchases known as holiday gift shopping. For most, we are all searching to buy the best gifts for our loved ones that hopefully will not burn too big a hole in our purses and wallets. However, searching for that one gift that will seal the deal for an eternal friendship with your sibling, guarantee you an ‘A’ for the semester, or reserve you a good seat in class is not so simple if you are trying to leave a good impression. Have no fear, Terrapins, for the guide to your eventful holiday gift shopping spree is here.

The gifts that need the most thought (if you want to keep your late curfew when you come home for break) are the gifts for your parents. Some parents may claim they want specific items like a new belt or a pair of earrings, but what if they decide not to say anything, leaving you some hints of what they want instead?

Nordstrom has added a home décor section featuring the trendiest everyday items such as fruit baskets and pitchers to help add flavor to the kitchen. In addition, wall decorations of humbling and inspirational quotes are sure to brighten the mood in the house. However, homemade crafts are major tearjerkers for moms, and make excellent gifts as well.

Freshman kinesiology Jackie Clauser gives her mother “something that comes from the heart,” like written poems. For dads, there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a soothing massage chair perfect for watching all sporting events and movies, as well as for taking naps after long days at work.

An extremely important gift is the one for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. These gifts are more personal and maybe more difficult to shop for. Generally, a girl would never say no to jewelry, and a guy would not say no to sporting event tickets, right? The perfect gift for a significant other may take more time to look for, but if all else fails, chocolate is always available!

Do you have an extremely fashion forward sister? Trending faux fur vests or floral Dr. Martens boots would make excellent gifts, perfect for spontaneous photo shoots. You cannot go wrong with makeup, so keep that in mind as well when looking for what to give your cousins, sisters, aunts, grandmas, etc. When shopping for younger girls though, stuffed animals and toys such as ice cream and snow cone makers are a hit. For younger male cousins or your little brother, anything electronic will do. Recommendations include video games like FIFA and Mario Party. A last resort would be clothes, but to guarantee sincere gratitude from your 12-year-old cousin, technology is a best bet. For young men or fathers, a good gift would be an item they can use everyday: for example, headphones. Whether our men are exercising, doing homework, or relaxing, headphones are an easy escape and an item less likely to be returned—who would not want a pair of Beats?

For the grandparents, thoughtful, low-budget gifts include picture frames, homemade coupon books, and beauty products. After all, the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones, and capturing those memories will warm grandma and grandpa’s hearts. Lastly, if professors are on the gift-giving list, shop for generic items such as chocolate, gift cards, or fruit baskets! Teachers have a fondness for apples, and you want that ‘A’ in biology, right?

As the holiday season approaches, please keep this helpful guide in mind to maintain ease during your shopping spree. Happy holidays, College Park!


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