Gel manicure finally done at home

Two Miracle Gel options. Photo by Haleigh DiBetta
Two Miracle Gel options. Photo by Haleigh DiBetta

By Haleigh DiBetta

Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen: Is it a miracle to college students on a budget or a waste of money? Sally Hansen has recently released Miracle Gel, an at-home gel manicure offered in 47 different colors without the use of a UV/LED light. Hearing “at-home gel manicure without a UV/LED light” sounded appealing, so I set out to put Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel to the test, trying to save a few bucks on a gel manicure without compromising quality.

Salon gel manicures can cost between $25 and $45 and last for two weeks. From my personal experience, Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel has been flying off the shelves – I had to go to three different stores before being able to purchase the product. It can be purchased at CVS Pharmacy, Target, Walmart and ULTA Beauty. Prices differ depending on place of purchase, so buying the starter kit is the most cost effective way to go. Starter kits generally cost $14.99, including the topcoat and one gel color. The topcoat and gel color can also be purchased separately, each bottle costing anywhere from $7.99 to $9.99.

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the starter kit for $14.99, purchasing the chic lavender shade Street Flair. Before using the product, I removed previous nail polish with nail polish remover, then cut and shaped my nails. Next, I applied two coats of Street Flair to my nails and gave them five minutes to dry. After the gel color had dried, I applied the clear topcoat once to all my nails, giving them 25-30 minutes to dry completely. Once dry, I felt that my nails definitely looked like I had just gotten them done at a salon. Miracle Gel, if used properly, provides a smooth and sleek look.

After five days, I only had one minor chip at the very tip of my nail that was hardly noticeable. Miracle Gel also does not crack like other nail polish does over time, making it look worn. To my surprise, taking off the Miracle Gel was quick and painless, taking less than 10 minutes.

I recommend this product to anyone who loves long-lasting color on their nails but does not want to pay the salon gel manicure price. Miracle Gel is as simple as applying any other nail polish and lasts twice as long. It is safe to say that Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen is truly a miracle.


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