The best of both worlds: How brunch combines tasty food with trendy styles

By Kristine Auble

Going out to brunch is the latest trend that has people dressing up before chowing down on sweet, savory and stylish dishes.

Waking up late and missing breakfast used to signal a rough day ahead, but brunch is the newest way to have a stylish and productive day.

This mid-morning meal brings people together while bringing together the best breakfast and lunch foods both in a classy and sophisticated setting.

Students sit outside to eat brunch. Photo by Rachel Kuipers.
Students sit outside to eat brunch. Photo by Rachel Kuipers.

“Brunch is definitely trendy now. Going out and getting brunch is very much a thing,” Elaine Hunt, a junior journalism major, said.

Hunt says she enjoys this new trend especially the way it prolongs breakfast, her favorite meal of the day.

Brunch’s growing popularity has inspired restaurants to develop creative food and drink menus.

Washington has a number of stylish brunch locations where people can experience the combination of breakfast and lunch in a fashionable atmosphere.

The popular website Bitches Who Brunch uses firsthand accounts to track down some of the best brunch locations in the D.C. area.

According to the website, the restaurant Grillfish, located south of Dupont Circle, has great selection of drinks and tasty seafood for a sophisticated brunch.

The website says that Grillfish’s cocktail menu is impressive – especially the option to build your own Bloody Mary.

For the meal, the oysters at Grillfish were delicious, fresh and inexpensive, according to the website.

Macon Bistro & Larder is another restaurant that the website raves about for its original style and creative cuisine.

According to the website, Macon Bistro & Larder is “a luxurious bistro that’s reminiscent of a Southern garden party.”

The cocktail menu is inspired by Prohibition era drinks and the food menu features classics like chicken and waffles and deviled eggs, according to the website.

It’s not just breakfast and lunch that are intermingling at these brunch destinations.

Food and fashion combine when people go out to try these trendy locations.

“You definitely have to look cute for brunch,” Hunt said when asked what role fashion plays in this mid-morning meal.

Katherine Schaner, a junior transfer student enrolled in letters and sciences, says she’s been getting dressed up and going to brunch since she was little.

“My grandma used to take us all to brunch on Sundays and we would always get dressed up,” Schaner said.

When asked what she thinks is a good outfit for brunch, Schaner says girls cannot go wrong with a nice dress and a pair of heels.

The Bitches Who Brunch website also features a fashion section that explains the perfect brunch time outfits.

For the fall fashion season, the website recommends light layers and neutral colors for those looking to brunch in style.

Waking up late has never been so glamorous now that brunch gives people a chance to enjoy delicious dishes in sophisticated settings.

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