New jumbotron enhances game day experience

By Jason Dobkin

The university’s athletic department has installed new features at Byrd Stadium and the Xfinity Center to help enhance the game day experience for fans.

“We are in a highly competitive marketplace and it is imperative that we continue to provide our fans with one of the best game day environments in the country,” Maryland Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson said.

The enhancements at Byrd Stadium include upgrades to the current LED displays, allowing them to better showcase sponsors, statistics and other game information, as well as two brand new message displays for closed captioning.

“The game day atmosphere must be unique and special and something our fans can’t experience at home,” Anderson said.

The Xfinity Center, which was renamed as part of Comcast’s rebranding process, has a new Daktronics jumbotron with two side displays that can be divided into separate windows to show multiple pictures and videos at the same time, for things like instant replay and live video. Xfinity also received four new displays for closed captioning.

“We’ve always had an outstanding home court advantage and with the addition of new amenities, including the video board, we will make an outstanding first impression as we embark on our first season in the Big Ten,” Brenda Frese, women’s basketball coach, said.

Men’s basketball coach Mark Turgeon is also very excited for the enhancements to improve basketball for fans.

“The new video board and amenities available is a great addition for both the men’s and women’s basketball programs and is sure to bring our game day experience to the next level,” he said.

The additions to the Xfinity Center have made an impact on fans even before the start of basketball season. The video board was showcased for the first time during Maryland Madness, a pep rally event for men’s and women’s basketball.

“The new video board was an outstanding new element at Maryland Madness,” said Zach Bolno, the director of media relations for the athletic department. “We received tremendous feedback from fans that attended.”

Bolno stressed the importance of constantly making changes to improve fan experience.

“We continue to look for new ways to engage our fans and make sure their experience is something they enjoy,” he said. “We want people to come back.”


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