Where sex meets food: Incorporating food into your sex life

By Shelby Copeland

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr

When it comes to basic survival, scientists may distinguish the three most important needs: sex, food and sleep. Why not combine two of them? Incorporating food in your sex life may seem taboo but putting them together can have some savory effects.

When couples are looking for a way to “spice” up their sex life, the majority of people don’t think about doing literally just that. Food can make a great difference if used properly. The many advantages that food has on the body can also translate to the bedroom.

Foods that make you feel better:

Starting with the basics, the healthier and more energized you feel, the better sex you are likely to have. A healthy diet can be building blocks for a better sex life. That’s just a bit more motivation to eat your fruits and vegetables.

Foods that boost sex drive:

According to Fitness Magazine, foods such as eggs, ginger and watermelon are great for boosting your libido. Detecting great foods has a lot to do with the ingredients and nutrients that assist hormones and relaxes your blood vessels.

If food can do so much for a better sex life, then why are so many people timid about it? It can be uncanny and a little random to introduce the idea of pairing sex with food, but there are subtle ways to do so.

As a start, you can smoothly let food do some of the work for you. Make a favorite meal that has a few foods to boost your sex drive.

Although it may seem a little awkward, talking it out is always a great way to bring food and sex out of the taboo and into the norm. Expressing your interest in aphrodisiacs, eating to feel better or simply bringing it out of the we’ll-never-talk-about-this-file can serve as a first step that most people never get to.

So don’t let the concepts of sex and food be completely isolated; it can make for a much spicier lifestyle.


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