Food blogging gains following, loses college audience

By Bethany Hooper

Photo by Nathan Rennich
Photo by Nathan Rennich

For most college students, food is a means of survival, but for a select few it has become a claim to fame.

College campuses have their fair share of student athletes, musicians and leaders, but what about food bloggers?

There is a new trend in blogging that requires a lot of dedication and cooking. Food bloggers take their love of cooking and share it with the world.

Pauline, a food blogger for Living the Healthy Choice, takes to the Internet to explore her creative side. She creates vegetarian and plant-based foods and posts pictures to social media.

As of Sept. 16, she had over 179,000 Instagram followers and 6,982 Facebook followers. But food blogging isn’t Pauline’s full-time job. She is a film student living in Berlin.

Hall Barton Jump Jr., a junior business and criminology major, says he hasn’t heard about food blogging, but would be interested in learning more about it.

“[Blogging] is a way for anyone to have a voice…and that it what has empowered our generation,” Jump said. “When people leave home and go to college, it’s important to find an eating habit…[so] you aren’t living off ramen and macaroni like some people.”

Pauline called her Instagram account a “self-experiment” on her website. To this day, she continues to post food pictures.

As college students at this university, one constantly binges on dining hall food and microwavable meals. By using social media, Pauline reaches the masses and relates to those who do not normally cook.

Ella Grace Denton, a college blogger for We Need to Live More, started making food blogs after recuperating from unhealthy food binges. According to Denton, learning about healthy food choices became her passion.

Many of these food bloggers exist, but they don’t always cover healthy recipes. Budget Bytes, another blog, captures the college experience by providing cheap and easy recipes. Beth Moncel,  the blog’s creator, is not a college student, but caters to those on a tight budget.

Christina O’Brian, a sophomore dance and biology major said she thinks these blogs could especially be helpful to upperclassmen in college.

“If you are an underclassman, you probably don’t cook a whole lot of food. So it probably doesn’t apply very much,” O’Brian said. “[But] if you are an upperclassman, you are looking for ways to cook on a budget.”

College students do not always utilize these blogs because they don’t know they exist, like Julia Lamb, a sophomore chemical engineering major.

“I don’t know much at all [about blogging],” Lamb said. “It’s probably just not something I’m interested in.”

Still, there is a dedicated food blogging community that works to cater to people trying to cook in college.


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