Pizza Places: Too Many or Just Enough

By Jason Dobkin

Photo by Hayden Williams

With more than 10 pizza restaurants in a 1.5-mile radius from the bars to The View, and more opening soon, College Park may be turning into the next pizza capital.

Blaze Pizza is set to open soon in the space next to Bagel Place where former Mexican restaurant Lime used to be.

With this much competition, it helps to bring something unique to the table to separate your pizza from the rest.

Slices serves specialty pizza, like mac ‘n’ cheese and barbeque chicken; Pizza Kingdom offers jumbo slices; and Blaze’s website claims restaurant cooks will be able to cook a pie in just three minutes.

Photo by Hayden Williams

“I always go to Pizza Kingdom,” sophomore biology major Greg Mollica said. “Their giant slices satisfy my appetite and they taste great.”

Mollica said if it weren’t for the huge portions, he would probably take his business elsewhere, but a slice that big can’t be beat.

Sophomore communication major Greg Goldstein sticks to Slices when he feels like eating pizza because of the never-ending selection of specialty pizzas.

“You could go to Slices every day for two weeks and never eat the same thing,” Goldstein said. “They have never disappointed me.”

With specialty pizza places like Slices putting a cutting edge on the pizza industry, older restaurants like Ratsie’s Pizza are struggling to keep up with the competition.

Mike Falamoun has been the manager of Ratsie’s for 15 years. At one point, he said, his restaurant was flooded with students every night, especially on the weekends. Now traffic is very low, he said.

“There’s way too much food in the area,” said Falamoun. “There’s no people now.”

Falamoun said he takes great pride in his restaurant and the food it serves, and said it saddens him to witness its popularity decline.

Despite the numerous pizza places that have popped up in the last few years, some students, like College Park native and criminal justice major John Turcotte will always stay loyal to Ratsie’s.

“I grew up eating Ratsie’s pizza, and it has always been- and always will be- my favorite,” Turcotte said.


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