food truck

Green Tidings Food Truck reopens 6 months after fire

By Kelsey Cardace

This university’s Dining Services introduced a larger, more efficient Green Tidings food truck for an improved mobile dining experience for students this September after a grease fire caused it to close in March.

“We wanted something with more space that would be able to handle the volume,” Executive Chef Will Rogers said. “We’re at a high volume since we moved from the ACC to the Big Ten.”

Photo by Hayden Williams
Photo by Hayden Williams

The new Green Tidings food truck has more doors for ventilation than last year’s, bigger water and gas tanks and new air conditioning units, which the kitchen staff said they appreciate.

“The old truck used to be very hot,” Rogers said.

Green Tidings offers a menu that changes regularly, enabling students to try new dishes. The food truck is currently featuring students’ favorite dishes from last year, like the grilled steak sandwich.

“It switches up the options from the dining hall and it’s definitely better,” said Walden Kiker, a sophomore government and politics and history major.

Rogers said he focuses on serving seasonal dishes with fresh ingredients, which creates many different options on the menu.

“What’s cool this year is the introduction of the Terp Farm, which is student-run about 30 minutes from campus,” Rogers said. “It makes it easier to buy local ingredients.”

The food truck has already started selling meals that use produce from the Terp Farm, such as cucumbers to make pickles and watermelons to make watermelon gazpacho soup.

“[Terp Farm] far exceeded my expectations,” Rogers said. “I wasn’t sure how the quality was going to be, but it’s outstanding.”

Erin Cha, a sophomore kinesiology major, said the food was definitely better than the diner, appreciating the quality as much as the chef.

“Being able to have this kind of food without having to cook it is great,” Cha said.

Students and staff said they enjoy Green Tidings food truck in its various locations weekdays from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

“I love having a food truck on campus. I think it’s really convenient,” freshman elementary education major Laurie Nesbitt said. “The food is good and it’s worth the money.”

Photo by Hayden Williams
Photo by Hayden Williams

In the future, Green Tidings plans to capture a live camera feed of the staff cooking to be displayed on their blog.

“Other than that, we’re very happy with the truck we have now,” Rogers said.


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