Fitness fun in the summer sun: How students are staying active this summer

Photo courtesy of Friskis & Svettis
A group workout session lets participants enjoy a good sweat in the summer sun.

By Kristine Auble

The start of a carefree summer marks an end to students’ tiresome routines endured throughout a tedious semester.

Along with no longer forcing themselves to wake up early for their classes or study for their exams, students also do not have to limit their workouts to inside the gym.

They are free to explore and engage in exhilarating activities instead of confining their daily exercise to the restraints of treadmills and weight machines.

The warm weather and the adventurous atmosphere associated with summer gives students the chance to pursue creative exercise opportunities that they do not have time for during the school semester.

Students like Casey Trimpin, a junior physiology and neurobiology major, and Austin Boroshok, a sophomore psychology major, are using their summer breaks to try something new.

“We’re both doing a triathlon this summer,” Trimpin said.

The pair decided to participate in a triathlon because they have a lot of free time this summer, and because they believe it is an exciting way to stay active, said Boroshok.

Hiking is also another popular outdoor activity that students will take advantage of in the beautiful summer weather.

“My friends and I are really into going hiking this summer,” Tyler Angier, a junior acting major, said.

Angier explained that he looks forward to experiencing the outdoors while getting exercise.

Students can breathe in the summer air and enjoy their surroundings at a variety of scenic hiking locations.

“I went hiking at Great Falls Park in Virginia last summer and I would love to go again this summer,” Boroshok said about his favorite place to hike.

From exercising on land to working out in the water, Aquacise is another activity students can try this summer to stay fit while having fun.

Aquacise is an aerobic workout that is performed in a pool, usually with a large group of eager participants and plenty of motivational music, according to the Swimming Teachers Association.
Aquacise also offers an exciting atmosphere and effective experience as an alternative way for athletic enthusiasts to work muscles through water-resistant workouts.

Students can stay cool in the pool as they gather with their friends to splash around while working-out during Aquacise.

This unique exercise option just adds to the already endless list of summer possibilities students have to make memories while building muscles, now that the spring semester is coming to an end.

Whether it is a triathlon, hiking, Aquacise, or any other form of exhilarating exercise, students can find the fun in fitness with the adventurous activities they try this summer.


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