SEE knocks it out of the stadium with Big Sean and Wale





Excited students put their hands in the air as Wale performs. Photo by Kristine Auble.
Excited students put their hands in the air as Wale performs. Photo by Kristine Auble.

By Rachel DeSantis

Big Sean and Wale may not have played ‘Kids,’ but they did manage to have the crowd feeling electric all night at Art Attack XXXI May 2.

In what many say was a much-improved concert from last year’s Art Attack, which featured MGMT as headliners, Big Sean and Wale filled Byrd Stadium with roaring, energetic performances that left thousands of students singing and dancing along.

“We sold 10,046 tickets,” said Joche Angbazo, the incoming special events director for SEE, the student organization that put on the show. “We were expecting to sell out, which would have been more tickets than that, but we still did really well, more than we have in the past.”

SEE chose the artists because of their relevancy in the music industry, recently released new material and were feasible with the committee’s budget, said Angbazo.

Angbazo said the artists were chosen because the fact that each has recently released new material and

Though the concert began at 7 p.m., many students began lining up earlier in the evening to ensure a good spot for the night.

“We got there at 3:15 and we were still second in line,” freshman Gabby Castro said. “I loved the concert, though. It was so much fun, especially when they came into the crowds.”

D-Cal, a student rapper and Battle of the Bands winner, opened the show.

Many students agreed that the energy and passion both Wale and Big Sean put into the performances made them worthwhile and memorable.

“The concert was just hype,” said sophomore environmental science and chemistry major Horia Olariu. “Wale jumped in the crowd and ran around with people. He was taking pictures with people while singing, which I thought was pretty cool.”

Many of those pictures made their way to social medias like Instagram and Twitter, and even Wale himself made his social media presence known, responding to student tweets about his performance throughout the night.

Wale is a native of the DMV region, having attended Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Md., and many enjoyed the shout-outs he gave to his home state.

“I’m a much bigger fan of Wale because he’s from the area,” said Olariu. “I think SEE should try to get more people from the area, because I think they put in more effort.”

Wale, 29, performed many of his biggest hits, including “Slight Work,” “Bait” and “Bad,” and even had the crowd help him out by rapping a verse on “No Hands.”

For some students, though, Big Sean, a 26-year-old artist from Detroit, made the concert.

“I didn’t like Wale,” said freshman Madison Moeller. “I’ve never heard his music before the concert, but I did not like what I heard. Big Sean definitely put on a much better performance.”

Big Sean’s set included flashing lights and a few of his biggest hits, including “Dance (A$$)” and “Beware.”

“Big Sean was great, too, though I didn’t like the fact that they performed separately,” said Olariu. “It would’ve been much better if they performed together.”

Tickets for the event cost $10 for students and $25 for general admission, a price many said they found very reasonable.

Olariu said he would have paid a lot more money to see two mainstream rappers.

“I think it went really well,” said Angbazo. “I’ve been told that everyone had fun and it was a really good concert. People that went really enjoyed it.”


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