Students Spring Into Fashion

By Jenna Milliner-Waddell

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It’s only a few weeks into second semester and many students have already got spring break on their radar. With Punxsutawney Phil predicting six more weeks of a historically cold winter, people are chomping at the bit to swap their riding boots and parkas for flip-flops and crop tops.

Glamour Magazine has shared the top 10 most wearable trends straight from the runway for spring 2014.  They have compiled a perfect grouping of trends seen all across the runways.

The warmer the weather gets, the more skin girls start to show. As an alternative to the classic crop top, designers are showing boxy cropped jackets. These can be paired with almost anything fitting or flowy.

Bomber jackets are also here to say.  A nice carry-over piece from previous seasons, they are easy to dress up or make casual.

In terms of tops, contrast-collar and textured button-downs are trending. It could be a little dressy for the average college student, but a fun option for a job interview or an internship. The shift blouse is a more casual trend that Glamour Magazine describes as a ‘dressy version of a T-shirt.’ It makes for such an easy, fashionable look that you can make your own by adding a great statement necklace.

Other spring trends are pastel colors, tea-length skirts, spring knits, wide-leg trousers, and collarless coats. Sure, this is perfect for the runway, but what about every day wear? What will University of Maryland students be wearing this spring break?

“I just bought this new dress that is floral and open in the back. I will probably wear that with sandals or a headband,” said freshman government and politics major Ariel Fanger, who will be going home to Boston for spring break.

As for the designer trends, Ariel said she would definitely be interested in rocking tea-length skits and pastel colors.

On the reverse side, Rebecca Mount, a sophomore theater major, said she tries to stay away from trends. This spring, she is looking forward to wearing shorts with colorful patterns to help her stand out.

Alyssa Dewolfe, a junior communications major, is more open to trying the spring 2014 trends. Dewolfe is excited to break out bright colors as she travels to North Carolina with her mom for the much-needed break.

Dewolfe said she is excited to break out the skirts and dresses that she brought, because she hasn’t been able to wear many of them in the cold weather.

Whether runway fashion is more your thing, or you are following the beat of your own drum, it is safe to say that UMD students will stay stylish all throughout spring break.



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