Stamp hosts 5th Annual Terrapin Tango Festival April 11

By Phoebe Dinner


The University of Maryland’s fifth annual Terrapin Tango Festival will begin April 11.

Welcoming both new and experienced dancers, the Terrapin Tango Festival invites students to learn different dances from professional teachers to music coming from both professional DJs and the Tango Mercurio Community Orchestra.

The event will be held in the Stamp Student Union from April 11 to 13, and will consist of scheduled classes. The classes will range in experience level, going from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  The festival will also feature milonga dancing, an Argentine dance similar to the tango.

David Chorvinsky, a senior mechanical engineering major, is reprising his role from last year as festival coordinator.

Chorvinsky, who has been involved in the event since joining the Argentine Tango Club his freshman year, expects this year’s festival to be different because of new schedule additions.  Each visiting instructor will have their own class on the schedule to allow a maximum number of students.  Classes will also feature local musicians.

Festival-goers will learn from professional tango instructors Nick Jones and Diana Cruz from Colorado, as well as Diego Blanco and Ana Padron from New York.

Between 10 and 20 couples are expected to attend each class, and upward of 150 people are expected to show at the big group dance Saturday night.

“I think it is a really great opportunity to learn a new style of dance with a bunch of other people that enjoy immersing themselves in the same kind of experiences as I do,” said sophomore Kineseology major Ariel Gleaner “[Tango] is something people pretend they know how to do when we go out dancing, but it would be cool to actually learn how to do it.”

The Terrapin Tango Festival is a culmination of the works of the university’s Argentine Tango Club. The club practices year-round, and holds one practice and one formal lesson each week.  The club also goes into Washington, D.C. and dances at the Eastern Market.

Chorvinsky is most excited for the performances by the visiting instructors, which will take place Saturday night. He said it is one of the biggest climaxes of the festival.

“[There is] nothing quite like a ballroom filled with club and community alike all focused on a pair of amazing instructors,” Chorvinsky said.


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