Steamy Sex Fantasies: Where you want to have sex

By Amanda Eisenberg

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Despite the hype of college hookups, it’s not so easy to find a place for intimacy. Dorm rooms have thin walls and present an issue for your roommate, and sleeping anywhere else could turn into a walk of shame the next morning.

But for most University of Maryland students, the ideal location for having sex isn’t on campus. Freshmen Daphne Pellegrino and Sam Kellman-Wanzer dream of having sex “on a bunch of cozy blankets in a meadow,” or “in a log cabin next to a fireplace,” respectively. Although the nature aspect appeals to both genders, a lot of boys wanted a bit more adventure.

Freshmen broadcast major Craig Weisenfeld wants to have sex on a trampoline, while freshmen English and criminal justice major Brian Frosti wants to have sex on a baseball field.

“I like baseball,” shrugged the pitcher for the Terp’s club team.

Other students have some weird choices for their most ideal spot to have sex. Sophomore accounting major Drew Friedman wants to have sex in an ice hotel, “like on The Amazing Race.”

Lauren Sagl, a sophomore broadcast journalism major, looks at shower sex as the most ideal if done successfully.

“They make it look so easy in the movies and then execution is just [impossible],” Sagl said.

But for freshmen journalism major Justin Meyer, he has only one ideal spot: “inside a woman.”

“That’s the goal, isn’t it?”


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