Men’s Style Column: Is the Price Right?

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By Ryan Alphonso

With the holiday season just around the corner, men are cutting their spending budgets wherever possible, but a recent survey suggests that men are actually spending more on clothes this year than in previous years.

A Westfield survey revealed men in America and the UK are spending just over $1300 (£988) per year on clothes. Men claimed Adidas and Nike as two of their favorite brands to purchase.

“I’m not surprised,” said senior Billy Niazi. “It costs to look good.”

Niazi claimed that in terms of name brands, he’s not afraid to spend the extra dollar to get the styles he wants. An avid fan of Vineyard Vines and Polo by Ralph Lauren, Niazi is used to spending the extra dime on his wardrobe. “It’s worth it though. I’ll pay $20 extra to dress ‘well.’”

Sophomore Jon Mayuga disagreed. “I don’t see the point in spending all that money on name brands when you can get something just as good for cheaper somewhere else.” Mayuga said he hates seeing “double digits” on a price tag and will do whatever he can to get a deal. “You don’t need to break your wallet to look good,” he said. “You just have to know where to look.”

According to the survey, 41 percent of men said they prefer to spend more on a couple of expensive items, than many cheaper ones.

On campus, many men felt differently. In a survey of 50 UMD males, 56 percent said they’d rather shop for a couple cheap items than one big purchase.

“It doesn’t make sense to spend $30 on one J. Crew polo when I can get 4 that look the same from another store,” said Mayuga. Those who preferred buying fewer items mentioned dress clothes and more expensive purchases as items of choice.

When shopping this holiday season, there are several ways to save. Black Friday sales are starting earlier than before with stores opening as early as 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Holiday sales will be a staple in department stores nationwide in order to highlight the most popular shopping season of the year.

With these early sales, it won’t be hard to find clothes for well below their ticket prices, but it’s up to the man to decide how and where to spend his money.


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