Drastic Differences in Tuition Between In-State and Out-of-State at Maryland

By Mike Siegel

Image from gazette.net
Image from gazette.net

The difference in tuition costs between out-of-state and in-state students at the University of Maryland is over $19,000 per year, according to the university’s Office of the Bursar.

“Out-of-state [tuition] is outrageous,” said Mikynsi Steffan, an in-state junior elementary educator major at Maryland. “I think it’s reasonably priced for in-state students, but Maryland should work towards maintaining the current price of tuition.” Steffan’s tuition cost is even lower than average in-state students because her father works at the university.

“It’s an amazing benefit that my education is basically paid for,” Steffan said. This past May, the university’s Board of Regents voted to increase in-state tuition by 3 percent and out-of-state tuition by 3.9 percent, according to the Diamondback. The increase has directly affected out-of-state students like Lauren Sagl, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Pennsylvania.

“[Maryland’s tuition] is not a bargain because it’s a very expensive out-of-state school,” said Sagl. “[Out-of-state costs] are ones that I could be paying at a private school with better amenities.”

Other out-of-state students like sophomore psychology major and New Jersey native Demi Adamopoulos feel fine about the cost of tuition at Maryland.

“The education you receive at Maryland, as well as the reputation of having a degree from here, makes it well worth the cost of attending,” said Adamopoulos. “Many less prestigious schools are more expensive than Maryland, which made going to school here even more desirable.” Adamopoulos attributes Maryland’s expensive out-of-state tuition costs to the “great resources” that it provides to students.

“I know that I will be able to pay back my debt by quickly and easily finding a job [through Maryland’s resources,” said Adamopoulos.

John Sayer, a junior civil engineering major from New Jersey, agrees with Adamopoulos in terms of its worth.

“To be honest, Maryland was the most affordable out-of-state school for me,” said Sayer. “I really cannot complain. It was a big factor in attending this school.”

The Diamondback reported in September that 41 percent of students at the university rely on the Federal Pell Grant Program to help pay for college. Still, many students respect the costs and actually praise them.

“It’s a really good deal because all public schools are pretty much the same” said in-state sophomore biology major Kayla Yerkes. “I wouldn’t pay to go to another public university when there’s such a great school in Maryland to go to.”


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