Winter music festivals still in full swing despite chilly weather

By Savannah Tanbusch

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As cold weather brings an end to most of the well-known music festivals, some University of Maryland students are compensating for this loss with copious amounts of winter shows.

Senior aerospace engineering major Matt Horowitz said that not only did the change in weather end music festival season, but that recent show announcements have also not been up to par with his tastes.

“[I’m] not currently [going] to any shows because I haven’t found any that I want to go to “said Horowitz.

“I think outdoor festival season dies in the winter, but it doesn’t mean venues can’t have some great guests when it’s colder,” said sophomore neurophysiology major Lucy Wang.

Wang agreed that music festivals die out in the winter, but thinks music venues often host good bands that can replace music festivals.

Casey Whitman, a junior psychology major disagreed and believed festivals still live on through the summer. There are plenty of smaller, indoor festivals that pertain to his tastes and needs, he said. Whitman pointed to the Idobi Radio Meltdown as an example of one of the smaller indoor festivals he’s found.

“Festival season doesn’t really ever end,” said Whitman. “There’s still a bunch of smaller festivals in the scenes I listen to.”

Whitman is also looking forward to other shows are being held this winter.

“There’s a ton of shows going on that make festivals simply not matter as much,” said Whitman. “I’m going on a little road trip up to Philadelphia for my favorite band Mansions supporting another one of my favorites, Their/They’re/There.”

That’s only the tip of Whitman’s iceberg of winter concerts, since he also plans to see Jimmy Eat World and Diamond Youth. In early November, Whitman started his winter music expedition with a Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West show.

On the other hand, sophomore marketing and supply chain management major Nora Keller, is looking forward to seeing bands like Phantogram, Animal Collective and Gogol Bordello.

“I’m never bummed about the holiday season, I see a lot of great concerts in the winter and I’m seeing my favourite band in January…” Keller said. “I haven’t completely figured out my winter concert schedule. If more shows pop up that interest me, I’ll probably add some more to that list.”






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