Party with your friends: Hoodie Allen performs at the Fillmore

By Kevin LaFrancis

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Steven Markowitz, known by his stage name Hoodie Allen, performed Nov. 19 in Baltimore and Nov. 22 in Silver Spring, Md. as part of his “Party With Your Friends” tour.

The event at the Fillmore in Silver Spring sold out almost a full week in advance. His tour stop at Baltimore Soundstage marked the first time he performed in the city according to Hoodie’s Twitter.

“My friends are really familiar with Hoodie and were more than willing to pay for the price of Tuesday’s show,” said freshman journalism major Hugh Morris, referring to the total cost of the tickets and round trip transportation.

Hoodie’s unique brand of hip­hop and distinctive style instantly connected with students. He often mixes samples of various other songs within his music.

His two biggest hits, “No Faith in Brooklyn” and “No Interruption,” combine fluid rap verses with memorable choruses.

Junior Matt Doelp, a civil engineering major, first heard Hoodie’s music two years ago with friends and immediately liked it.

“His beats are all real fun; they are high tempo party songs that are easy to relate to in college,” said Doelp.

“The music is catchy and upbeat,” added Morris, who first heard about Hoodie when his “All American” album came out.

Neil Rosenstock, a junior computer science major, called the lyrics “clever” and said that Hoodie “has a great voice.”

Hoodie’s distinct sound matches with his independent and outgoing personality. By extensively answering fan mail and constantly updating his social media profiles, he established a strong connection with his fan base. Publishing close to 130,000 tweets, Hoodie provides endless content for his followers to enjoy.

Hoodie also maintains a blog on his website with Q­and­A sessions with fans and posts about his concerts.

“I like how he’s very straightforward with fans. He interacts with them. It creates a more personal relationship,” said Rosenstock.

“I think it’s cool how he’s doing something different in the industry,” said Doelp.

Hoodie was born in New York City and attended the University of Pennsylvania. He created his first EP, “Bagels & Beats,” in 2009.

He worked as an advertising associate at Google out of college and spent his time outside of the office writing lyrics and scheduling shows. He quit his job at Google to pursue his lifelong dream in music after he was able to attract a large enough audience for his performances.

The tour, which started in Buffalo on Oct. 19, covered 30 cities throughout the country. It included performances in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles before ending Nov. 30 at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.


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