Cold? Warm Up With These Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas

By Catherine Sheffo

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When it comes to the holiday season, finding the perfect sexy gift can be a bit of a hot topic — pun very much intended.

From traditional with a twist to straight up sexual, students had plenty of gift ideas both to give and receive.

“I used to always buy myself lingerie that my boyfriend would like because it’s pretty and I knew he’d enjoy it,” said Leah O’Farrell, a sophomore psychology major.

Several students surveyed agreed that although a run through Victoria’s Secret seems to be the perfect way to score a hot holiday gift, it’s best to leave the lingerie shopping to the girls.

“I don’t hate going into Victoria’s Secret — I mean, there’s hot girls in there, but I don’t want to go in there to shop. I’m too lazy,” said Tony Farace, a sophomore enrolled in letters and sciences. “The best gift I ever gave was a Tiffany necklace — greatest gift ever.”

For those who are looking for a way to bring the holidays into the bedroom, spicing up the basics with a seasonal flair is the way to go.

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“You could maybe try red, white and green body paint,” said Julie Romanosky, a sophomore mechanical engineering major. “I think it’s generally just warm white chocolate with food coloring. I heard about it on a TV show once.”

Other inexpensive but fun ideas from Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines included soaps and body scrubs in festive scents and candles that melt into massage oil, both meant to be used either alone or with someone special.

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A stocking full of sexy truth-or-dare sticks provides plenty of fun for students looking to make their own personalized presents. Photo books filled with pictures and mementos of a longer relationship were also popular responses.

When it comes to the ideal sexy gift, however, it’s often more about sharing an experience with someone you care about.

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Alexandra Pamias, a sophomore journalism major, said she’d like to receive “concert tickets — definitely concert tickets, or a really expensive dinner somewhere not in College Park.”

“I would say the best gift is a fun activity,” Romanosky agreed. “A memory lasts longer than a gift you don’t really need.”


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