Movies Make for Merry Memories: Christmas movie releases are a success

By Gaby Galvin


Almost immediately after Thanksgiving, radios begin blasting holiday music nearly nonstop, and everyone is busy wrapping gifts and decorating trees. What most people do not always associate with Christmas season, though, is the abundance of movies that are released in December—even on Christmas Day itself.

Movies premiere on Christmas for a number of reasons: to get in theaters in time for Academy Award eligibility, to be a part of one of the highest-grossing movie weeks of the year or to catch the attention of moviegoers who do not celebrate Christmas, to name a few.

“It doesn’t even matter what we go to see,” said Sadie Moverman, a freshman in letters and sciences. “It isn’t about that, it’s about the whole family doing something together. One year, when both of my sisters were in college, [going the movies] was extra special because I hadn’t seen them in a while.”

On Dec. 25, many students who do not celebrate Christmas are often left with few options as the majority of businesses are closed. These students traditionally take advantage of the two places that are nearly always open on that day: Chinese restaurants and movie theaters.

“It’s very common for a lot of the Jewish community to end up at the same places on Christmas,” freshman communication major Sam Rubin said about the unofficial Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food and going to the movies on Christmas Day. “It’s cool seeing a Christian holiday affect Jewish culture.”

But Jewish people are not the only people who choose to see movies on Christmas Day. After a lazy morning spent with family, many people go to the movies to get out of the house without being too adventurous.

The week of Christmas is always one of the highest grossing weeks of the year, and movies released on Dec. 25 have a history of being box office successes. According to the Internet Movie Database, last year Les Misérables made about $28 million and “Django: Unchained” made over $30 million in its opening weekend alone. Both went on to win Academy Awards.

“Last year we got to see Django [Unchained], which was awesome,” freshman journalism major Grant Whittington said. “All of the workers seemed happy to be there.”


Movies set to premiere this Christmas Day include Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey.

“I really want to see The Wolf of Wall Street,” freshman psychology major Anna Biddle said. “Who knows, maybe I’ll end up at the movies on Christmas this year.”



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