The Bright Side Of Being Sick: Tips on how to make the best of feeling your worst

By Bethany Hooper

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With the onset of winter and the flu season, there are many ways to be productive when the flu has you stuck in bed, yet many students do not take advantage of sick days.

“[Being sick] isn’t really a good thing because you miss out on a lot,” said Matt Stargel, a junior criminology and criminal justice major. “It doesn’t really help you with school and your social life. Nothing gets done and I [play] on my phone all day.”

And Stargel is not the only student who does not use his time at home to do schoolwork; Naya Oke, a junior Spanish major, uses her day to mostly catch up on sleep and relax when she is sick.

 “The pros of being sick for me is not having to go to class…and being able to relax,” Oke said. “College is stressful, so it is kind of good to be sick sometimes.”

Kiara Copeman, however, is one student on campus who likes to get her schoolwork finished when she is absent from class.

“When I am sick, I am focusing on all of the work that I have to do and I will have to catch up on, so I try to start it,” Copeman said. While she does enjoy sleeping in and watching movies on days when she is not feeling well, she always takes time to do her schoolwork, she said.

Although keeping up with schoolwork is important to some students, rest is key to feeling better, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

To prevent the flu, the CDC also suggests washing hands often, covering your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing, and avoiding contact with infected people.

Following these tips can help keep students out of bed and in class, but sickness does have its benefits for those on campus who need a break just to relax or get caught up on sleep.


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