Students excited to decorate for the holidays

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Photo by Alexis Anthony

By Clarice Silber

With the holiday season right around the corner, students on campus are beginning to decorate their dorm rooms and apartments.

“I plan on decorating my apartment with a small Christmas tree, colorful Christmas lights and a wreath outside of my door,” said sophomore psychology major Patricia Sacchetti.

Sacchetti said she decorated her apartment last year as well and that she wanted to decorate at school because she always decorates during Christmas time with her family.

According to Ashley Vogel, a sophomore government and politics major, decorating is a helpful reminder of the holidays, and a good way to get into the holiday spirit.

“This year I brought with me my menorah and Chanukah decorations to hang across my room,” Vogel said.

Vogel explained that she forgot to decorate her dorm room last year and it made her forget about the holiday.

Some people, though, are actively choosing not to decorate for the holidays. Carley Gallon, a sophomore animal science major, said she felt that decorating was unnecessarily costly and time consuming.

Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

“I don’t think I’m going to decorate my apartment. It’s sort of a waste of money and time because we won’t really be here during the time of the holidays,” Gallon said.

Still, some students are planning on decorating for both Chanukah and Christmas around campus.

“I am going to put up decorations for Christmas and Chanukah because I have Jewish and Christian roommates,” Chloe Spetalnick, a sophomore business major, said.

Spetalnick explained that it’s nice to be able to acknowledge both holidays by decorating.

“I got a little tiny Christmas tree that I am going to decorate with some lights and I am going to get Christmas and Chanukah decals to put on my window,” said Spetalnick. “I am also going to get some festive candy to keep around because I think it helps with the holiday spirit.”


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