Going All Natural: UMD students try home remedies to combat flu season

By Bethany Hooper

Image from drnandunne.com
Image from drnandunne.com

Going “all natural” is gaining momentum in the realm of flu antidotes with many students today.

Remedies to combat the flu season are not always limited to prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs; but rather, home remedies, such as fruits, teas and herbs, are becoming quite popular among today’s population, according to some students.

Many students across the campus are researching and learning about these natural home remedies from online sources and from family members.

“I looked up which fruits and vegetables had the most vitamin C and I went to the store and bought them all. I ate tons of bell peppers and oranges,” freshman biological sciences major Jennifer Paul said. “I [also] took vitamin C pills and washed my hands all the time. I think it [works].”

Another student takes a liquid approach to natural remedies.

“I drink ginger tea with lemon. I picked it up from my family,” freshman biology major Sandra Martin said.

Although pills are mostly considered a form of prescription or over-the-counter treatments, students are using Echinacea and other herbal pills to combat the cold and flu.

“I take Echinacea pills, which are herbs. My sister told me about it,” said Michelle Brauer, a sophomore economics and math major. “I don’t really know if it works. Maybe it helped delay getting sick.”

Overall, natural home remedies are helping students prevent and fight the cold and flu season without putting drugs into their system. For most of these students, going natural — instead of using medication — worked for them.



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