Fashion Anew: A closer look at Paris Fashion Week

By Jenna Milliner-Waddell

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Image from

Paris fashion week is one of the most awaited series of fashion shows of the year. Alexandra Shulman, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, describes Paris’ role as, “to show how you can make things particularly couture-like and high-end fashion.”

This year was no different, as designers displayed artistic and detailed looks in their 2014 spring/summer collections.

Across the runways designers used metallic materials with rich brocades and gold embroidery to take metallic from tacky to luxe. Designer Lanvin Paris used gold metallic materials in his sportswear collection, while designer Givenchy displayed an earthy palette with bronzed metals.

Revamping the stripe, Givenchy and designer Alexander McQueen used embellished stripes to develop regal looking pieces that added to the tribal and ethnic stories told on the runway.

The converging of masculine and feminine styles made a reappearance on the runway. The use of pleats and the reinvention of the boyfriend shirt brought this look to life.

When shown a picture of designer Balenciaga’s structured white shirt Angeline Samuel, a freshman kinesiology major said, “I think its pretty cool. It’s a re-twist to it. Fashion is always changing.”

However, as college students a majority of us are not able to afford many pieces displayed during fashion week. In search of replicas, Michelle Leibowitz, a sophomore psychology major, looks for unique clothing at places like and Necessary Clothing.

“They’re not like typical clothing and they are really trendy. They may not be made as well, but it’s good for me because I’m focused on how they look,” she said.

Paris Fashion Week also incorporated art inspired prints. Some houses like Chanel focused on color, while designer Celine incorporated 1930s graffiti.

The element of history extended beyond the collections themselves, as many designers played the music of older recording artists like Queen and The Smiths to accentuate their runway shows.

“I like it.  It has a good beat and mood. I can envision models walking to this,” says Dana Omdahl, a freshman engineering major, about designer Gareth Pugh’s selection of Queen’s I want to Break Free.

The big story of Paris Fashion Week 2013 was Marc Jacobs and his speculated last show as creative director of Louis Vuitton. His show had a black theme inspired by night, mystery, surface, texture, and the women of many nations.

“I’ve been on this trip for a little while, so. I think it’s valid to love something for its surface. Love is a feeling. You can love anything for any reason,” said Jacobs on the creation of his final show.

Paris Fashion Week passed, but it has once again left a lasting impression on the fashion industry worldwide.


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