TerpsTV set to expand thanks to Big Ten Network

By Catherine Sheffo

Image from nmnathletics.com
Image from nmnathletics.com

Next year’s conference move from the ACC to the Big 10 is not only affecting the University of Maryland athletic department, but it is making waves on TerpsTV as well.

The TerpsTV network is Maryland’s sports entertainment network. It is part of the broader media agreement the university has with conference sponsors and stations like ESPN, ABC, and Fox. The network brings Maryland sports to students through live game broadcasts, shows and interviews that can be streamed online.

While the basics of the network will stay the same, Deputy Athletic Director Nathan Pine says funding provided by the Big Ten Network will bring exciting updates to Maryland sports coverage including more programs and better quality production.

“The interesting thing about the Big Ten Network is that it covers stories solely on the conference, so Maryland will get a lot more coverage with the move,” Pine said.

Even though the Big Ten Network will add coverage of sports such as soccer and lacrosse, “students won’t see a decrease in football and basketball coverage,” Pine said.

Pine also said after the switch the Big Ten Network will provide the university with higher quality equipment such as high-definition production tools. Representatives will also train students and staff members who run the station, Pine added.

Not only will the new equipment lead to higher quality broadcasts and better graphics, but it will benefit the journalism students that work for the network as well.

“Students who gain production experience with the Big Ten Network will have a nice portfolio that will serve them well once they graduate,” Pine said.

The Big Ten Network has its own mobile app, BTN2GO, which students can use as long as they have a cable subscription to the network. The app will allow students to view games that have already occurred, much like DVR.

The TerpsTV Network’s changes will go into affect next year and were well received by several students, who were especially excited about the added sports coverage.

“Since students don’t follow the less popular sports, they are unaware how enjoyable these games can be. The new network will give students a better understanding of a wide range of sports,” sophomore Braden Ishler said.

Junior economics major Corbett Smith was looking forward to seeing more Maryland sports broadcast on TV.

“It’s definitely easier and preferable to watch the game on TV instead of having to stream it on my computer,” Smith said.

However, changes to the network will likely go unnoticed by students who do not use TerpsTV for their sports news, or who do not follow Maryland teams.  Sophomore journalism major Sara Goodwin, who doesn’t watch the TerpsTV Network, doesn’t think the switch will turn her into a regular viewer.

“Football is probably the sport I like watching the most, but I don’t follow it on a regular basis. Regardless of the updates, I would still rather watch Netflix,” Goodwin said.




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