Maryland band All Time Low performs hometown show at The Fillmore

By Allyson Fisher

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Taking a day break from being a supporting act on A Day to Remember’s ‘House Party’ tour, Maryland natives All Time Low made a stop at The Fillmore in Silver Spring on Monday, October 7 to give local fans one of their infamous hometown shows. The band hails from Towson and was formed in 2003 while the members were still in high school. Right before graduation, the band was signed to Hopeless Records, which led them to their current pedestal as the kings of pop punk.

At an All Time Low show, one can expect plenty of crude jokes and comments being thrown back and forth between lead guitarist Jack Barakat and lead singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth. But when the weight of the hometown show comes bearing down on their shoulders, the guys amp it up a notch all while in the presence of their family and friends or, at the show on Monday, their high school biology teacher.

The hometown heroes definitely put on a show to remember, playing songs that originally debuted on their first EP “Put Up or Shut Up” like “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” and other classics such as “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” “Weightless” and “Remembering Sunday.” The band also played current fan favorites like “Time-Bomb,” “Somewhere in Neverland,” “Outlines” and “The Reckless and the Brave.” All Time Low also put on an electrifying performance of their newest single, “A Love Like War.”

The opening band The Wonder Years got the crowd intoxicated with adrenaline performing hits like “Came Out Swinging,” “Passing Through A Screen Door” and “Local Man Ruins Everything.” Every song the band performed began and ended with a mosh pit and crowd surfers desperately trying to reach and touch their favorite members. After the opener, one could only imagine what the crowd would be like when the headliner took the stage.

Students from all over the state came to witness the band and their notorious hometown show. University of Maryland Sophomore Santina Owens drove two and a half hours, all the way from Salisbury, Md., to watch the show.

“I’ve already seen them seven times so I know what to expect from the show, but the thrill and excitement of seeing them again never really wears off,” she said.

Northern Virginia Community College freshman Ksenia Dombo said, “All Time Low’s hometown shows are always way more fun than their shows outside of Maryland because you know that they’re happiest when they’re playing on their home turf. This past show had so much energy that you could totally feel it when you stood in the crowd, no matter if you were front row or by the soundboard.”

All Time Low never misses the chance to perform in their home state every time they are on tour, whether it be headlining or supporting. They are always sure to throw in extra bells and whistles for the places that gave them their start, regardless of their parents standing along the balcony. Fans of all ages in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area travel as far as plausible just to experience the legendary All Time Low hometown show, which is one not to miss.


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