Scandalous Back-to-School Essentials

By Rachel DeSantis

Scandalous Back-to-School Essentials - By Rachel DeSantis Image from
Scandalous Back-to-School Essentials – By Rachel DeSantis
Image from

1. The Drunk Dial NO! app:

We’ve all been there: It’s the morning after a wild night out, and while looking through your phone, you realize in horror that you drunkenly texted your ex.  Well, lucky for you, there’s an app for that!  The Drunk Dial NO! app allows you to block certain phone numbers from being contacted for however long you want.  With this app, there’s no temptation!

2. A Little Black Dress:

Karl Lagerfeld said it best: “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”  Perfect for pretty much every occasion, the LBD has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for years, and with good reason.

“Even if you’re not going somewhere super formal, you can still look cute in a little black dress,” said freshman journalism major Daphne Pellegrino.  “It’s very versatile.”

3. Sexy underwear:

In order to feel good, you’ve got to look good. What better way to feel confident than to wear a cheeky pair of panties that will show off your (..ahem..) assets?

4. A pair of fold-up flats:

The “walk of shame” or “stride of pride” — call it what you want to, but the last thing any girl needs is to be walking home in heels from the night before.  Throw a small, portable pair of flats in your purse before you head out at night, and the walk home will be so much better than if you were wearing those heels you can barely walk in, anyway.

5. A back-up plan:

Yes, you and your roommate may get along perfectly for the time being.  But sooner or later, the dreaded “sexiling” may happen to you.  When that time comes, make sure you’ve got somewhere else to go that isn’t the space on the uncomfortable floor outside your room.

“Make good friends with at least one other person on your floor, someone you know you can go to,” said sophomore special education major Maryam Abutaleb.

6. Assorted drinking accessories:

A thirsty Terp must be properly prepared.  Shot glasses, a bottle opener, cute wine glasses for nights in with your friends — maybe even a flask, if you’re into that.  Don’t always depend on those infamous red Solo cups.

7. Birth control:

You know the deal: be smart, be safe.


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